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Create Inclusive Videos to Reach More Viewers

Representation in media matters–in front of and behind the camera. It’s important to remember we all have unconscious bias, which can influence the people we choose to work with, the topics we cover and which perspectives we include. This video covers tips on how your YouTube channel can help foster diversity, equity, and inclusion. Learn more:

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45 thoughts on “Create Inclusive Videos to Reach More Viewers

  1. Can you just go full Stalin and enforce this? In a "Not enough agenda in the video? Demonetised!" way, so people can finally move on somewhere else to watch videos for actual value.

  2. I don't need to see this content as I'm getting thousands of views and they're disappearing immediately, would you fix this problem before telling how to get viewers?
    Subscribe guys, thanks ✌

  3. I hope to subscribe to my channel and promote it as a cooking

  4. Да, ага, мгм… Название русское, а видео англ, может в это лайфхак ? Я попробую

  5. О! Наш канал позиционируется как народный международный! Цель: укрепление дружеских отношений людей всего мира и содействие интеллектуальному развитию. А также – создание хорошего настроения! В подписчиках у нас представители как минимум 4 стран (Грузия, Казахстан, Россия, Украина) Будем счастливы, когда появятся единомышленники и партнеры и наш канал пополнится загадками разных стран! Присылайте видео с загадками и рассказами о себе, своей родине, семье, своих хобби на e-mail:
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  6. 1/5th of people 18 to 34 are suffering from mental defects and illness (LBGTQ freaks), and yet instead of sending them to mental hospitals, they are not only allowed to go free, but now all these leftist freaks want the rest of us to cater to their dementia? Uh, NO!

  7. Great to bring together humankind, bad to make a big/good channel…
    People wants channel who looks like them.
    I think, there's no place for huge diversity in a community/clan.

    But ideally i'm with youtube for that point even if nobody can force the donkeys…
    More inclusive = more diversity on a community = more diversity on contenant.
    Google is like : "When are you going to fucking love each other?" Ahahahah

    Peace, my humans, do not make war (not even cultural/social war): it consumes a lot of energy, and it's counter productive, a waste of time.
    Learn to do something BIG, show it to the world, make someone smile and bring other together by creation.

  8. I am a new YouTuber and I still need guidance, if something goes wrong or violation about uploading videos I hope YouTube understands

  9. Hello, Can you check my vidéos and tell me what is the best way to improve the subscribers amount on my channel please?
    thx a lot

  10. انا عمري اربعة عشر وقنا تي مصنفة للاطفال اواجه العديد من المشاكل بعد كم سنة اخرج من التصنيف وترفع القيود عنا

  11. Very interesting insights! Thank you for wonderful insights. Here is our Thank you gift for youtube creators team

  12. "YouTube's mission is to give everyone a voice".. Funny, considering the comments on my entire channel got disabled back in February, so my viewers have no voice.. Comments were supposedly disabled on videos with kids. but even my videos without kids lost comments.. I just made a video about getting cosmetic surgery after weight loss. My comments were disabled, so people who find my video because they're going through the same thing can't ask questions or anything. Yet I can do a quick search and easily find tons of videos of kids opening toys, and they all still have comments. Doesn't seem very inclusive… Thanks, YouTube.


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