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[Crayon Pop] 크레용팝 빠빠빠(Bar Bar Bar) – M/V (안무버젼)

43 thoughts on “[Crayon Pop] 크레용팝 빠빠빠(Bar Bar Bar) – M/V (안무버젼)

  1. 1:23 well excuuuuuuse me (princess)! no dabbing at 2019! wait, this video is not uploaded on 2019, nvm
    Susie (from Deltarune) just dabbed (in 2019) on his own robot and then because of that the robot is crashed down

  2. most people came from asian boss, me? i came from the return of superman on kbs b/c the member soyul has a daugther name heeyul and is married to that one member from H.O.T ,heejun

  3. Soy el único que está conociendo recuerda un grupo que se llama lemongrass y la canción es vértigo es muy parecido

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