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Comments that piss me off regarding CBC news Genius bar piece.

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24 thoughts on “Comments that piss me off regarding CBC news Genius bar piece.

  1. 1. That's some really light traffic, even for a Saturday.
    2. I don't understand brand loyalty to the point of being offended when someone says something bad about it. I can however understand hating a brand to the point you can't like it anymore no matter what.

  2. Louis. let that go. In a regular daily basis watch lots of news channel. And from since way way long ago noticed how the comments"people" (more like bots) do, are, in all kind of pieces of new they upload, super negatives. Like radical negative bots/people. IN EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF NEWS OR INVESTIGATIONS they upload. For that reason I tell you that is better not to pay attention in the comments section there. See you around.

  3. Sir youre a great positive guy, dont get yourself tired because of these motherflowers, youre better than that youre a billionaire!

  4. if you Looking for Samsung Phones … Never look for the Crap seris .. Linke A or S or note … this is Samsung new Shit Like Apple … lock for the Samsung Xcover Series like the Firest New Real Samsung Phone the Xcover 4S … you noob

  5. First of all want to say most of this is already gone and by and Thinkbook's and other Lenovo laptops are still really good laptops, so don't let all this discourage you from them too much.

    I remember in 2015 when Lenovo pre-installed a adware in laptops with Windows 8 called SuperFish, which installed it's own root CA, intercepted and decrypted and re-encrypted everything the user was watching through the browser, Lenovo got into a lawsuit and lost, they were forced to remove Superfish and give help to througly remove from existing systems.

    Another time in some Yoga model laptops they used a proprietary RAID driver and locked laptop to only use RAID and block ACHI, this caused people only to be able to install Windows 10, using the proprietary RAID driver downloaded from Lenovo (which might have become a problem once it is incompatible with some future Windows 10 upgrades, cause you would need to wait on Lenovo and Intel), Linux distro's or other OS's were not able to be installed.

    After many outrages and news posts and Lenovo promising it was not meant to block other OS's (though there was this agreement for Windows 10 Signature Edition only), they released a new BIOS update for only a specific Yoga model (others were still affected) which unlocked the ACHI option, allowing other OS's to be installed.

    Many of their Thinkbooks have a whitelist for what WLAN cards you can use, so you would have to use theirs, (which is annoying if you want to replace the Broadcom with a Intel or Realtek and may be more expensive). People modding the BIOS removed this limitation though.

    The WLAN capability with Broadcom's cards are not per se very bad, but using Intel's WLAN card is often times better and Broadcom was very annoying when dealing with the driver in Linux, cause it was proprietary, required blobs 'broadcom-wl' or a reverse enginered driver 'b43', didn't support many features (such as Access Point/Hotspot mode or Wireless Monitor mode for traffic sniffing), might had some issues and instability and locked many devices to a certain kernel version, blocking progress of development.

    After a while of hell and infinite hate and outrages they did release a fully Open Source driver called 'brcm80211', many older Lenovo models using Broadcom WLAN cards are not supported by this driver though >.<.

    If you were using Windows, you wouldn't notice so many things, aside from missing some features, maybe some wireless instability and the need to have Broadcom's driver support or else your future Windows version might have no WLAN.

    Most routers today routers today use Broadcom boards or WLAN cards and use very old Linux kernels (cause the driver is compiled to work with a certain kernel version) and thus may have many potential security issues and get no proper updates because of Broadcom's and perhaps vendors decisions.

    Thought any of you guys might find this interesting to know.

  6. Hey I wonder if the apple supporters if some them are on the payrole to kick off that type of chat to push the brain washed view apples wants

  7. I don't know whether the maximum speed for an electric bike includes pedaling. An interesting question, most of the speed comes from the motor when you pedal, maybe most of the energy from you if you ride around 35 m/h but most of the speed from the motor. Advice for situations where cars want to pass you but can't pass you safely and you have no bike lane (like in that school zone), cycle a bit more in the middle of the road just so that they can't pass you. They might get angry but you will be safe. I don't know the American law but here you need a minimum distance (around 1 meter) before you are allowed to pass somebody. Not that people follow the law or that cops fine if you violate any law but that is the law.

  8. I has this conversation with colleagues that like apple products and they said something like this: nobody has time to figure out why that bord does not work they just replace the whole thing. It's easier and cheaper for the manufacturer.

  9. And the video ended without finishing the discussion on the offending comments… Well the yoga pants at the start of the video makes up for it I guess.

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