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Christmas Bar – SNL

Two men (Kyle Mooney, Casey Affleck) get into a bar fight over a woman (Vanessa Bayer). [Season 42, 2016]


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50 thoughts on “Christmas Bar – SNL

  1. To everyone who dislikes actors looking at cue cards?
    This is due to script changes. The writers on SNL are sort of insane. They change lines *all the time.* Mostly for time constraints.But sometimes just because Lorne 'doesn't like' a line.
    The ones that amaze me most are the actors who get a script change during commercial , and memorize it instantly. No cards.

  2. I think this is the same set Seinfeld used when they would go to a bar. I think it was the episode where they thought that guy was on coke.

  3. I usually don’t leave comments in the comment section but uh, I’m gonna have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this skit. And this is so embarrassing, but uh, I’m going to recommend this skit to my co-workers and all.

  4. Now I don't normally start random political arguments in the comments section, but, ah… don't say this Seb… does anyone else think that a universal healthcare system would probably, uh, work in everyday situations?

  5. How does Kyle Mooney sound like a better Bostonian than Casey Aflek, an actual Bostonian?
    Oh, and ahh.. I can't believe I just said that.. What ahhh… are you doing, Roy? C'mon.
    And all that stuff

  6. That's a nice thought experiment. What if men acted as innocent and shy about everything as when they approach a girl.
    Just shows that such people are in neither way less problematic and self-righteous than bold people.

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