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Chris Heria VS Super Sergio – BAR WARS 2k16 #4

Street Workout pro Chris Heria is up against calisthenics specialist Super Sergio from Cuba in BAR WARS #4 live from Miami / Florida.
Here’s the battle:
5 L-sit to handstand
10 muscle-ups
15 consecutive pistol squats per leg
20 pull ups

Chris’ INSTA:
Sergios’ INSTA:

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38 thoughts on “Chris Heria VS Super Sergio – BAR WARS 2k16 #4

  1. He can’t beat me on push ups and running, send me the address I come to you (in case he can’t afford to fly here to Houston)

  2. Spodziewałem się czegoś lepszego jak na tak promowanych na youtubie sportowców. W Polsce są lepsi zawodnicy.

  3. Dude my names chris too i have the same name & body build as you and hair color like holy shit. youve got a bit more asian in you but man thats crazy. You should do a video on your tattoos bc id like to get something going on like what youve got. im not gay but goddamn your sexy for a man

  4. I literally just watched a video of Chris’s doing 30 of everything… so yeah, it was nice of him to pretend to struggle with 10-20 just to not blow Sergio out of the water. Man’s a beast

  5. Anybody watching this in 2019 ? 👀

    Gonna post something kinda similar anytime soon on my channel make you be on the lookout 🙏🏾🙌🏾❤️

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