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Chinese Food | Pear Dumpling & Pear Wine 梨花能吃很多人都不知道,姑娘今天就用梨花包了梨花饺子,泡了梨花酒 |秦玖儿Qinjiuer


【The flowering period is too short. It can be used for wine making. It is very beautiful when you look at it. Drinking will be good. The easiest way is to add rock sugar to the wine. If you want to add some other ingredients, you can add some other ones, the taste is more abundant, I think the flowering time is very short, I have to pick some pear flowers and make dumplings to eat.】

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You can also watch the mountains and rivers, food, snacks, and wild vegetables in Guilin along with the videos of the children.
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And a variety of interesting handmade DIY, rural customs
Let’s enjoy this original ecological and rural life!

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