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Chandni Bar | Tabu | Atul Kulkarni | Hindi Bollywood Full Movie

Subscribe My Channel For More New videos: It’s a story of Mumtaz (Tabu) who loses her parents in riots & communal violence. Her uncle is the only family member left to fend for her. She decides to go to Mumbai to start a new life. She gets a temporary job as a bar dancer in Chandni bar, with which she is totally uncomfortable. But, she has to do this until her mama finds a job. After few weeks, she becomes friends with the co-bar dancers. But as she get a hang of her new life, there is a shock in store for her. She gets raped by her Mamu. This devastes her life completely & hence she looks forward eagerly to go to Chandni bar every night to avoid her Mamu. There she meets Potya(Atul Kulkarni), an underworld gangster. Could this be a new beginning for Mumtaz?
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46 thoughts on “Chandni Bar | Tabu | Atul Kulkarni | Hindi Bollywood Full Movie

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  2. हमें चांदनी फिल्म देखना है तो आप लोग दिखाई क्यों नहीं दे रहे हैं

  3. East is the west! Tabu is the best….. body wise, figure wise, height wise & colour complextion wise!!! Take care Tabu'.

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