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Chainsaw bar inspection and more axes

30 thoughts on “Chainsaw bar inspection and more axes

  1. Hey buckin i was wondering if you could do a video touching on proper way to do undercuts as far as how deep to cut and proper angle of wood to cut out to fall a tree or branch! Thank you and i love you channel!

  2. Hey Buckin , needless to say I love your videos, but just a question for you, how do you store the saws you collect & ones you don't use all the time ? Thanks Big D.

  3. Bucking, you should do a video where you include the finishing of the axe, including how you place the metal wedge and glue!!!

  4. Buckin Billly, I came here to learn about power saws and the mystery behind hand filing,but I keep coming back for the great vibes and awesome content you provide. You always put a smile on my face with your approach to life. Thanks to you there’s axes all over my place now and I’m always on the lookout for a saw in need of repair. Keep it up!

  5. Great video as always Buckin! Watched Eva Morgan's explanation of wearing the Buckin Army sweatshirt to school! Super funny🤣!!

  6. Love The octagon I have my dads Zenith's Axe With Octagon HandleThat he used during the CCC days and when he cut trees in northern Wisconsin and the UP Michigan totally love it

  7. I wonder if they made that axe so wide so they could get there spring boards deep into some decent wood instead of just the bark and sapwood

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