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Cell Phones Are Ruining Our Lives. Tyler Boeh

41 thoughts on “Cell Phones Are Ruining Our Lives. Tyler Boeh

  1. What I liked and those who have never had a landline will never miss is when you get mad at someone and you say "OH YEAH!" and then slam down the phone. An OH YEAH and then pushing the button hard doesn't have the same effect.

  2. How about those who have furious argument on their phones ,in public or outside your apartment door ,or your parked car in a shopping mart . He is a weird o .

  3. Absolutely right, except for one particular. Half the people that you see and hear on the street and on public transport hold their phones in front of their faces and scream into them, not to their ears.

  4. ok.. watched the whole video..
    the beginning was same as before
    but towards the end is new stuff.
    haha the smoke signal one is funny

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