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Celebrate Tip: Sundae Bar Italian Style!

20 thoughts on “Celebrate Tip: Sundae Bar Italian Style!

  1. I enjoyed the episodes with your grandchildren. Your grandson is very handsome. It's so nice that you involve them in what you do

  2. You are so blessed by Jesus above Lidia, thank you…
    Can you also make some hand churned Sherberts? I love them all, espcially the Lime.
    And can you make homemade Italian Ice? I see the Italian flavored Ice in Walmart.
    And can you make Banana Splits?
    And my husband askes me all the time wants to know what I am making Lidia, i take a loaf of wheat Bread or white Italian Bread, & I put chocolate or Vanilla Ice Cream in between 2 slices of bread!!! And i tell him ->>>> an Ice Cream Sandwich"! He Laughs so hard Lidia, but by golly its rootin tooten good!!! Try it & let me know if you like it as well as me. You can add Strawberry & Bananas to the bread too!!! Yum
    Also i love taking Marshmello's & just adding a handful to a Chocolate Pudding Cup in the Microwave Oven, stir it makes a affordable thick Hot Fudge for any Ice Cream topping yum…🍓🍌🥜🌰🍿🍦🍧🍨🍭yum yum Lidia…
    Also can you show how to make Homemade Orange flavored Popcorn? And SUCKERS????

    Love your Faithful Fan

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