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[CC/FULL] The Heirs EP16 (Full) | 상속자들

41 thoughts on “[CC/FULL] The Heirs EP16 (Full) | 상속자들

  1. I'm 17+ year old boy.I never cried watching such emotional things, I mean emotional dramas,movies etc.but I dont know why I lil bit cried in this episode.I realized when a drop of tear dropped from my eyes.Still I cant believe that I actually cried seeing a drama.
    Sorry if my English is wrong with some mistakes.

  2. I wish that Lee min ho and park shine hye became a real couple in the future, please Lee min ho!! I'm one of your million fan's !!

  3. Bakit po dq ma play…
    Ganito po lumalabas…
    The uploader has not made this video available in your country.
    Dto po aq sa oman,

  4. Choi young do is like a coconut harder from outside but delicate by inside owww😕 poor young do.. i felt so bad for him 😢

  5. I want to fall inlove this way or should I say I want to be loved the kim Tan way.Its all of me,all of us all the way.i want that.😓 why r u guys always in a rush to have sex,I'm not dating cause I'm avoiding sex

  6. Tan left everything for her still she left him.. Why kdrama boyfriends are always perfect and girlfriends are most of the time disappointing?

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