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Cassidy vs Arsonal | Bar For Bar | Round 3

44 thoughts on “Cassidy vs Arsonal | Bar For Bar | Round 3

  1. Cassidy Wins 3-0 Vs arsenal. I Reevaluated both Cassidy and arsenal BARS and I Broke down both of they Bars to the Science. #CassidyDaBARbarian

  2. I just wanna know, did you think every line from Ars was fire? Cause you always criticizing Cass bars all 3 rounds which most wasn’t all that but most of Ars shyt was trash too

  3. And that was stupid fukking up Smack venue with all the booeing cuz at the end of the day it's a business. Now Smack and Beasley gotta pay extra to fix the audio before they can publish the footage. And that event brought money to the area cause now people spending money at the businesses on South Street. And if Gillie was really the King of Philly he'd own the TLA or another concert hall for URL to perform at in Philly. Y'all need to thank Cass for bringing the energy to Philly and if you smart you'll flip that into another hustle

  4. Son u can't even soit cass bars correctly u having hard time spitting those bars so I can't understand y u say he trash

  5. Cass shit fire but he must STOP DUMBING DOWN EVERY PUNCH!!! Nikkas can relate now, u don't have to explain every damn bar… They boo coz u undermining dey intelligence …

  6. Cass why you rapping like 06 cause I dont think these niggas can fuck with old flow ….. some shit would be fire if cass said it different

  7. People down grade cass but cass bars go over they head I bet my life on it cass dont get as much credit as his ego but i bet you he got more bars then what they throw at em hands down.

  8. If y’all really Cassidy fans y’all gotta let him know he spitting some weak shit so he can get better and evolve, cause at this rate, URL is not gon continue to book him cause he trash. His shit would’ve been nice 15 years ago, but his bars is trash today and I’m a real Cass fan.

  9. Tell this generations ain’t full of goofy shit how u telling me a nigga that stole Cassidy whole why is better then him they all sound like Cassidy recycled rhymes they know yall bugging the fuk out tell me one rapper out this generation with bars that y yall confused yall don’t know what bars is bro yall cant be serious

  10. Bro what u on I think cass was dope someone paid u or something u reading this shit wtf !! U on tell me one good arson’s line that’s better then cass

  11. But what is you expecting from the boi? And what's better to you? Why you can't except Cassidy as Cassidy? Holla back its the lizard king

  12. You're biased when you read. You give ars energy and Cass you don't give a shit. Both rounds was trash. I can't call it

  13. Danm he talk about clips pop (they start snitch like clips pop )pls smack n Beasley set up cass funeral (clips vs cass the customer)

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