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Can Kings Raid raise the bar?

38 thoughts on “Can Kings Raid raise the bar?

  1. The gacha and p2w is in the weapon system, the more character unique weapons you get, the stronger it becomes when fused in one. So yeah, sorry to dissapoint you.

  2. Hey Bagel, nice video. I was curious about two things: will you ever play more Epic Seven and if I have Martina, would Shaina or Talia be a good pick from the Hero Summoning Event?

  3. Played this game 2 years ago as well.
    I knew of the Dreamcatcher collab they did (actually, Deja Vu is a great song), so I was thinking of starting again just for that.

  4. guys epic seven or king's raid? i wanted to start secondary gacha game… can't decide so can u give me some advice? i'm f2p player too ^_^

  5. Eh still, not summoners war. Edit: I know summoners war is super toxic but that toxicity makes it addictive therefore games that can't get to be exactly like summoners war(in their animation) I can't play.

  6. im glad u made a video for this game, Vespa deserves it, its pretty much 1 of the only 2 companies trying to make games in models that we like.

  7. as someone who played this over a Year long i can say the following: The game is really good and pretty f2p friendly too of course you can speed things up with money but you can achieve pretty much everything without it as well it just takes longer. I was on Challenger level in PvP and i havent spend a single cent c: BEWARE THO: you have to spend a lot of time in this game to make progress since dailys are pretty lenghy and some stages can be quite difficult which you have to manual then and try multiple times.

    All in all its a 8/10 for me 🙂

  8. Best part about the game is how F2P friendly it is. As someone mentioned the hero inn let’s you recruit heroes for free. It just takes time.

  9. was honestly thinking about giving this another try since last time i wasn't using an emulator and my tablet kept crashing while playing

  10. Playing this game for more than 2 years and I am free to play, except that I spent once 5$ on a daily pack. i really love it, the fact that there is "dispatch" on dragons, allow me to play other games too, or to do dailies while farming in the background. In 2 years of playing, on "world boss" category i m top 400 Europe. There are more places you can focus on. World Boss, LoV ( League of Victory, basicaly pvp between europe server) and LoH (Global PvP). Note that you should focus on everything as f2p, cuz the rewards are sweet.

  11. am i the only one have lvl145 account but not playing arena seriously? been doing daily stuffs. events and whatnot…
    i think when i first play KR ive been liking just for its stamina system (reduced time per stamina recharge everytime ur account leveled up) and stamina cap increase as u obtained more heroes (though its added later ingame).

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