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CA-125 Blood Test: Normal range & Its Role as an Ovarian Cancer Test

Full form of CA 125 is Cancer Antigen 125.It is a tumor marker for ovarian cancer. Normal levels are less than 35 U/L. Increased levels are seen in ovarian cancer.

CA 125 is a mucinous protein present on the epithelial surfaces of the eye, respiratory tract, ovaries

CA 125 is specifically seen increased in epithelial cell cancers. More over it has higher chances of being positive only in advanced stages of cancer .It is NOT USED for screening of ovarian cancer as it is not sensitive and specific. It needs to correlated clinically and always should be correlated with other diagnostic tests.

Role in Endometriosis:

It is not a sensitive marker for endometriosis. Levels are greater than 35 are especially seen in stage 3&4 of endometriosis. Levels greater than 100 U/mL indicate extensive pelvic adhesion’s. However the most accurate test for diagnosis of endometriosis is Laproscopy(Direct Visualisation).


HE4 – Human Epididymis Protein 4 (HE4) is a relatively new marker for Ovarian malignancy and indicates gene over expression.
It is used to monitor recurrence & disease progression in patients with Epithelial ovarian malignancy.
HE4 when used in conjunction with CA 125 helps in estimating the Risk Of Ovarian Malignancy (ROMA) in premenopausal /
postmenopausal females presenting with an adnexal mass.

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27 thoughts on “CA-125 Blood Test: Normal range & Its Role as an Ovarian Cancer Test

  1. सर नमस्ते
    अपना WhatsApp no. दिजिये।
    अलट्रासाउण्ड का रिपोर्ट मे suggested C A 125 है।

  2. My friend's mum had a CA125 of 630. We did PET and determined peroneal tumor. Dr. Ordered 3 months of chemo, but we decided to use a pharmaceutical grade cysteine from undenatured whey. We lowered the CA by100 points in 10 days. We will see what happens in the next two weeks.

  3. Hi ! My mom CA125 was 50.1 (47 years old). Please respond, she's only person that i have 🙁 ! Is that level too rise? I mention that she has fibroid, can this be the cause?

  4. اَلسَلامُ عَلَيْكُم وَرَحْمَةُ اَللهِ وَبَرَكاتُهُ‎
    My ca 125 result is 29.6
    آپ اس کے بارے میں کچھ بتاٸیں

  5. Hiii sir mera CA 125 210 hai iska kya matlb hai aur Mujhe cyst bhi hai ye normal hai ya nhi aap bta skte ho kya oprection ke bad ye level jo bda hai vo normal ho jayega kya plz ans

  6. Sir Mother Ca 125 level is 25.27 before surgery ,after hystercetomy, Specimen is sent for histopatholgy it is bengin granulosa cell tumour of ovary, after 15 day of surgery again ca 125 serum test is done result is 35.40,is there is any thing we need to worry,plz help

  7. The patient have cysts beside ovary, C a 125 test has been done, the result came 55 ml/dg .. doctors said no problem, will recover with medicine, so instead of 35 the patient hav 55 , is there any worries? Does the patient hv germs? Can i believe the doctor? Pls suggest

  8. hello ! i had ovarian cancer sincer 2016 sofar doctor wrote cancer metastatic to lymph node intra abdominal ovarian cancer my cancer every strong can"t kill dotor change many medication and diagnostic 1 year . 2 year maybe more denpending on each person"s body so you can diagnostic how many ? thank you so much

  9. Sir,,, mera ca 206 hai,,, iska matlb kya hai…. kya yah fibroids ki ojasah jiyada ho sakta hai… I am very worry sir,, plz reply to me…. yah jiyada hune ka matlb kya kya huta hai…??

  10. Had one done yesterday and came back 12.7 so normal. All my blood came back normal. Not having a diagnosis sucks but at least the chance my "massive" cyst filled ovaries are not cancerous is about zero which is good. I wish there was just one frickin answer though since pcos is unlikely by the types and size. Blah.. Hoping surgery soon will help the pain. Peace and love my beautiful slightly malfunctioning sisters.

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