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Bronx Tale bikers picked wrong bar

40 thoughts on “Bronx Tale bikers picked wrong bar

  1. What the hell is wrong with "C". Dude get in on it, they had it coming!! What was he a girl? I'd beat at least one to death. No witnesses!

  2. People that have never had their ass kicked tend to be rude assholes. We need more ass kicking today more than ever.

  3. If bikers like them walked into Cartel territory in Mexico, they wouldn't get beatened. They would be hunged then boiled in acid.

  4. Italians are friendly easy going people bikers are an arrogant selfish lot – I could easily see myself befriending Sonny and his crew

  5. Thanks to this scene the last time I was in an Italian restaurant and the beer I opened overflowed I got the fuck out of there.

  6. Hells angels and the mafia have never crossed swords. In fact the Hells Angels used to do a lot of the heavy work for the Sicilians for a cost; until they became organised gangsters themselves with the kind of muscle and numbers that Sicilians released not to upset, every dog has its day. Organised criminal organization have now metamorphosis into a different creature and lot more dangerous.

  7. Epic epic epic!!!!! The "Now yous can't leave" was brilliant dialogue and the look on their faces was also very genius! They knew at they moment they fucked up because not only did he lock them in but he was alone for all they knew and that leaves the bikers to wonder what type of Boss and power he had to have to do that without Sonny showing any fear which caused theirs!! This will always be in my top 5 of best gangsta and regular movie ever!!!!

  8. I swear every time I watch this scene I keep thinking that the red & white striped shirt biker, the one who most likely got kicked and beaten to death in the end, is Rob Schneider.

    When they panned to his face after Sonny locked the door, he just looks like Schneider wearing a beard.

  9. original sonny's voce isn't as scary ad it is in italian…. I can say it is one of the few film i liked better dubbed than original…. you can listen at the italian version and jodge by yourself…

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