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Bon Jovi Pranks Fans at Karaoke Bar // Omaze

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Jon Bon Jovi went undercover at a karaoke bar to surprise some fans with the duet of a lifetime. To have your own rockstar experience on tour with Bon Jovi in 2017 (backstage access, sound check & more), ENTER:

All donations of $10 or more support the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation.

He sings all the hits: Livin’ on a Prayer, Wanted Dead or Alive and It’s My Life.

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48 thoughts on “Bon Jovi Pranks Fans at Karaoke Bar // Omaze

  1. one of the nicest guys in the industry,modest humble and classy and a great humanitarian,when all you hear is the negativity about the rock stars he is a breath of fresh air..Way to go John you are a great human being

  2. no idea, how many times i saw this …guess more than hundred times…but still the best video ever of BON JOVI,,,hope he can dop more this PRANKS!!

  3. I couldn't even imagine what it would be like standing on stage next to Jon! Been a fan since i first seen him in concert at THE STANLEY THEATER…in UTICA, NEW YORK. This was before he released his first album. He opened for Eddie Money…best concert i ever been to!

  4. Jon Bon Jovi could have done the whole god damn song after the prank was revealed. But he was't getting paid for it . I get it. One of the most greedy guys in the industry. He threw Richie under the Bus.

  5. why I don't get pranks like this 😐? All I get is my friend holding fireworks and aiming it against my ass

  6. I have always liked Bonjovi, but what the fuck is wrong with you standing next to Hillary Clinton ,don't forget us little guys that made you famous and rich. You should be standing with trump.

  7. Wife" Hey honey how did the kids behave?"
    Husband:" they were fine, how was karaoke?"
    Wife:" jon bon Jovi pretended to be a clumsy bartender, took off his disguise and sang with us !"

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