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Bluetooth Wireless speaker 10W Subwoofer System 360° StereoDual Speakers Soundbar

First this is a great looking speaker, designed as a soundbar rather than a standard looking bluetooth speaker, will sit nicely under a monitor, If using with a PC.

Setting up is straight forward, I connected my Samsung Galaxy S6 and my Ipod touch both found it in a heart beat using the bluetooth find device mode

I am really impressed with the sound, I wasn’t expecting it to be as good as it is, two 5 watt speakers that really do produce excellent sound, good bass, treble and mid, this really did leave me surprised at how good it was, the quality of the build and sound is excellent.

The speaker has a rechargeable battery with a higher than average capacity, this should give you around 6 hours of play time without it needing anther charge.

You charge via a USB connection (supplied) or via an external USB charge (not supplied)

There is also an aux input if you have an older ipod’s or PC’s which may not have bluetooth, cable included.

The speaker has play and back and forward on back to control your device.

The important thing is always the sound, they can look well made be packed with features but if the sound is poor it counts for nothing. This is good, very good.

This is a very impressive speaker not only looks good but sounds great


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5 thoughts on “Bluetooth Wireless speaker 10W Subwoofer System 360° StereoDual Speakers Soundbar

  1. i bought 5 units in one shot and i regretted. the treble only active when u turn the volume all the way up, if in small volume the sound will be dull, when in high volume the sound distorted like crazy..

  2. Hi Rob, was wondering if this speaker really an improvement fromthe build-in laptop speaker. I will mainly just use it to watch movies when im traveling.

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