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Blood Sugar Test: Atkins Bar vs Glucerna vs Snickers

In this video Dennis Pollock compares and contrasts three popular bars: Atkins low carb bars, Glucerna bars, and the ever popular Snickers bar. Of course what he is looking for is the blood sugar spike. Is there any advantage to eating a low carb bar over a regular candy bar? How do Atkins and Glucerna compare in their tendency to raise blood sugar?

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46 thoughts on “Blood Sugar Test: Atkins Bar vs Glucerna vs Snickers

  1. Thank you so much for this test, and thank you for also being smart enough to use former data to keep yourself safe. God Bless!

  2. I've noticed with Atkins nut roll bars or chocolate chip ones (both have maltodextrin/maltitol) after an hour I was ok.. about 112.. but by an hour and a half i was 180! So i think its does release slower but they will raise them.

  3. Some Atkins bars have Maltitol and or maltodextrin and raise me quite a bit. Some of their newer bars dont have that and are ok.

  4. I just eat a couple of hard boiled eggs, it stopped me being hungry, they are a lot cheaper that those overpriced low carb bars.

  5. The Ezekiel cinnamon and raisin bread with cream cheese is great 1 piece with bacon and a boiled egg in the morning barely moves my levels.

  6. Atkins make low carb gluten free bars. Great for when flying somewhere. Not always easy to get low carb, gluten free when traveling.

  7. recent study says it is good to do exercise before breakfast and not after, the reason is lack of insuline so you burn twice the amount of fat

  8. Glucerna, similar to protein powders, gives me GI tract issues…rumbling, bloating and gas attacks which alienate those around me…

  9. I am now diabetic free with glucose normal in the high 90s. My spikes are normally under 120. Fasting 19 5. Weight dropped from 242 to 212. You can take credit for my good success as I began watching your videos back in June and began with active finger testing back in early July. My bigger surprises were finding yams as hostile while red wine friendly in regards to spike incidents.

  10. "Net carbs"…..these little boogers always get me. My body just seems to react to the extra carbs even tho they're fiber. Maybe it's because I'm a new diabitic. I have to stay with total carbs. Go next week for my second A1C and am looking foward to see if I made progress since diagnosed on July 3rd. Thank you for the video and help

  11. I use fat bomb from Keto only 1 gram of sugar and 1 gram of carbs. Only once a month, I don’t see much difference in high peaks of glucose.

  12. Hi Dennis and to Benedicta, your lovely wife! I ABSOLUTELY love your videos and Thank you for all the HELPFUL information. I too, am watching my BS levels, and should have followed the advice I'm about to share with you a long time ago which is: I drank 2 TBSP of apple cider vinegar in 1/4 cup of warm water, and immediately followed it with a full glass of water. Surprisingly, in one hour my BS level went from 96 to 74! The reason why I decided to try this is because I don't like my BS levels too close to 100 before I start my meal, so I did this test right before lunch. SO I WILL CONTINUE TO DO THIS as it has been proven through research that you can drink apple cider vinegar before or after every meal which also has so many health benefits! Please try this test w/ you and your lovely wife because I would love to see if it helps the 2 of you as well. Be Blessed!

  13. Slow release carbs? This is a new one for me. I am aware of slow release lawn fertilizer, but was not aware that it applied to food. Anyway I will stick to real food instead.

  14. Wish you had tried Quest bars. There are so many flavors! High in total carbs, (20’s) but only 4 “net” carbs! They seem to be ok for me, but I’ve not been as scientific as you!

  15. Thank you for another informative video! Results were about as i suspected as well. Anything that easy is going to have a price to pay. I am sure you have tried chia pudding before. I tried it today and it did not raise my glucose at all! May I ask if your glucose ever gets down into the 80's? Dr bernstein recommends this as the perfect level and I know you have been working at this for years. Just wondering if that is pretty much unobtainable without medicines? P.S. I don't blame you a bit for not eating that sickers bar.LOL Keep up the good work!

  16. Was that an older Atkins bar that had Mailtol in it,the new ones don't,also can you test the ALDI no carb bread,I'd be courious about those results.

  17. Yeah, you were wise not to test the snickers bar.I cringed at the thought of you eating it. Thank you for another experiment.

  18. Very interesting! Thanks for another enlightening video. I usually avoid these bars but do occasionally indulge in the Atkins chocolate candies. I know I'm better off without them, but like to keep them on hand for my non-keto family members, and sometimes they sneak into my mouth too. 😉

  19. Interesting. I count diabetic carbs which subtracts fiber, and 1/2 the sugar alcohols from total carbs. I've been eating quest bars. I suspect, these bars are similar to what you tested with the Atkins bars and raise my glucose. My a1c is 5.3 but I'm still taking 2-3 metformin 2-3 times a day, 500 mg. Down from the start of my keto diet where I was taking 3 850mg of metformin.

  20. Thanks so much for educating us on how eating multiple times a day affects our BG and why. Like you, at one time I was educated that you should eat 6X a day to keep your metabolism up. Oh, to think what I did to my poor body in those years! All I can do now is to do better going forward.

  21. I really appreciate all the testing you do. I'm losing weight and not as hungry since I've been cutting out most of the carbs I eat. It's showing in my A1C as well. I'm also finding that I don't have the sweet tooth that I once had. I would NEVER have thought that would happen! Keep up the good work helping we diabetics control our blood sugar! Diane in North Carolina

  22. I'm glad you didn't do the snickers test. I'm always mortified that you're going to eat something that will obviously take your blood sugar that high.

  23. Hi Dennis. You are so nice to test the bars to help people understand and see the results. I personally, don’t eat any power bars. They also contain additives and preservatives. If I get hungry in between meals, I eat nuts. They have protein and are filling. Your channel is so educational. I have learned a lot from you. Thank you ☺️

  24. I ate 0.7 kg of grapes after lunch with glucose going from 1o6 to 141; after 4 hrs. glucose was 110 and urinating was much improved. Improvement due to the grapes, glucose affecting prostate?

  25. Went low carb back in feb 2019 after a couple buddies were diagnosed with diabetes. My fasting sugar was hovering in to the mid 90’s. Fast forward to today,,,Oct 2019. I’m down 15 pounds, BP down to 115/70…….but what is concerning is my blood sugar is now a tad too low. The last week it has been in the 60’s to low 70’s fasting. I’m wondering if I should eat more carbs? My buddy went keto and he just had a hypoglycemic event that landed him in the emergency room. I feel no symptoms in the 60’s but he became clammy, dizzy and passed out. Trying to find a middle ground.

  26. Can you do a slim fast fat bomb as a snack review? I like the peanut butter cups and caramel peanut slim fast fat bombs. I typically like to eat atleast 2 of them together.

  27. Sir Dennis please no need to sacrifice urself too much to test these sugars.. we need other volunteers 😂.thanks so much for ur videos i have been inspired . Love u sir!

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