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Bla Xit Link Up at Solomons Bar

In this video, we meet up with Angie Rose (AGA tours), Victor Richards (Streets Paved with Gold) and Tony Barker (Gambia Connect).

This video was recorded and edited by Makonnen Sankofa. Subscribe to Makonnen’s YouTube channel

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32 thoughts on “Bla Xit Link Up at Solomons Bar

  1. We're appealing for donors, sponsors and paid endorsements so we can continue to produce content.

    This video was edited by Makonnen Sankofa. Subscribe to Makonnen's YouTube channel

    Check out the Bla Xit website:

    Become a Bla Xit Messenger (Subscribers only) by sending your video clip to

  2. in the opening scene with your freeze frame smile it compliments the painting behind your head. 👍😎👍

    good morning & much respect to Lady Juliet & the Bla Xit movement. 👍😎👍

  3. Please people who are looking for you to show the bad bits about living in Africa. They have seen all the bad bits on TV of children starving with flies around the eyes and the mouth, civil unrest, corruption which is in all government all over the world. So I thank you for showing the real Africa The peace, calm and kindness of the people. The weather looks brilliant the sunshine it is so refreshing on your face I remember when you first started out and your face wasn’t as sparkling and bright as it is now you’re doing a great job. The weather in England it’s dull our people over here is just existing there is no living no joy, except for Christmas when they’re expected to spend all their hard earned money on things that they don’t need. That’s not living that’s existing.

  4. Always looking forward to that red notification. You guys bring a smile to me face all the way to Blighty!
    Here is something sad though, a nurse hanged herself ( and I couldn't help think that had she met you or seen that there was an alternative she would be alive today. Be blessed, Blaxit fam.

  5. Wodemaya…aiyamaya…to d world! Black xit is completely changing d narratives and d perspectives of mama afrik. Thank you so much,jab always well done! Bless up one love family!

  6. We would very much like to see some interviews from our Caribbean brothers and sisters that came straight from the Caribbean to live and set business up in the Gambia as well, that would be great. Thanks sister

  7. The 🇬🇲💕Gambia is on my list to visit soon come ✌ peace love❤ UNITY BLA XIT FAMILY 💞
    Bless Up 🙏💛

  8. I approve this message Washington DC is a DUMP FOR SURE 💯
    I live here so i know 15 mins away from the White House
    I'm so ready to leave this place the United Snakes Of America
    Soon come going back home sweet home 🇬🇭❤💛💚 Mumma AFRICA #MyRoots💕💃💞

  9. Brothers and sisters you’re welcome the most awesome and beautiful country in this earth Juliet and family we can thank you more in what you’re doing for the continent congratulations

  10. Thanks for sharing the reality of the real streets of these United Snakes and Divided Kingdom. I just received news of someone I know just yesterday is homeless… walking the streets of 'Babylondon' in terrifying cold weather conditions at the moment. 😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏 #makingplanstogohome

  11. Thank you all especially sister Juliet and husband Adrian and the entire Bla Xit Family for what you been doing awareness called on African in the diaspora to come home 🏡 having skills and know how come home to mama Africa in particular The Gambia 🇬🇲 to investe and develop

  12. BLA XIT;

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