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Big Sur Power Bar Recipe

6 thoughts on “Big Sur Power Bar Recipe

  1. heidi, your trek and your sea side trysts and your bars ….all speak for each other of good health in body and mind…
    pray tell me what on earth is brown rice syrup? I live in Singapore..and if this is developed at home, tell me how. If it is boguht can't say it is available here…so can you suggest some substitute?

  2. Heidi,

    I posted my power bar recipe on my website.


    It is sweetened with stevia and a dash of agave. I think it is the flax meal that binds it. Let me know what you think.

    Thanks, Elana

  3. Great video! It is so pleasant and easy to listen to, love the music too. This recipe will help me keep my Kashi purchases under control! Have you ever tried adding dried cherries to your power bars?

  4. Heidi- I really like this video. Morphic resonance –I have been making power bars with coconut oil and nuts as the base for the past few months, with a bit of a twist –they are free of grain and sugar.

    It is so neat to hear the sound of your voice after seeing you on 101 Cookbooks for such a long time. I'm a big fan.


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