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Best Laptops for Photoshop and Lightroom

Lisa Gade explains the most important features and specs to look for when buying a laptop for photo editing in programs like Adobe Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC. You might be pleasantly surprised to find out you don’t need to buy the most expensive and heavy notebook to get the job done well. She talks about processors, graphics, screen quality and resolution and storage and provides a list of suggested 13 and 15 inch laptops and Ultrabooks that will do the job well. Though this is aimed at the hobbyist to serious amateur photographer, there’s something for everyone here.


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35 thoughts on “Best Laptops for Photoshop and Lightroom

  1. Dell XPS 15 4k IPS 7590. The Oled is 🤤🤤🤤 but the IPS is preferable for accuracy and also how the world sees your stuff too

  2. Hi, I got a question. I;ve got a Lenevo Ideapad (Intel core i7 2,60HZ with 16gb Ram). In terms of power, its great! In terms of screen not not so much. When I send my edited photo's to my iphone or my friends macbook is see a whole of more of the picture. So i feel real insecure when editing on my laptop. Is it possible to just buy a better external screeen for editing or do I really need to buy a new laptop? Thanks for the help!

  3. Hi Lisa, thanks for the insightful review. I’m studying digital illustration and looking to but a laptop for it. What do you think of the Lenovo Thinkpad T495 with Ryzen 5 cpu? I mainly use photoshop.

  4. It's a shame that she talks so quickly and barely pauses for breath, makes it a very very tough watch and actually annoyed me so much I turned it off!!

  5. Currently using a 13" 1080p ultrabook on the go, which's resolution is – as you said – sufficient for the small screen.
    But since I'm going to upgrade to 15" soon I'm forced to decide between 1080p or 4k. I would whish manufacturors would offer a decent 1440p option. Imho perfect resolution for 15" – as it's fine enough we normal vision people won't see pixels or benefit from 4k – put it could save some money and more important put less stress on the GPU and battery.

  6. Mam, Is this you, that I heard the voice in video tutorial series. Hope you have done CSS video tutorial.

  7. Hello Lisa and all!
    I have external laptop and im searching a laptop between 14" and 15.5". I will be really gratefull for your help and suggestions. If you have another suggestions for different laptops please feel free to share with me. Thank you so much!
    Could you share your ideas for photo editing (lightroom and photoshop on the same time mostly) about;
    1- MSI GF63 i5-8300H/32GB/240+1TB/Win10X GTX1050 – ( )
    2- Lenovo Ideapad 330s-14 i7-8550U/20GB/256/Win10 M540 Szary – ( )
    3- Huawei MateBook D 15.6" i5-8250U/16GB/480+1TB/Win10 MX150 – ( )

  8. I think, if you want to edit photos and probably videos and dont wanna spend a boatload of cash just get a macbook pro. Not the new one, anything retina is awesome. So, 2013 going upwards will do

  9. Extremely informative, this is really the best video for a photographer to see before buying a laptop. I was lost in gaming laptops because of thinking about better GPU but seeing that pen or thinking about darktable (lightroom alt that i use) being highly dependent on SSD, i totally changed my mind. Thank you very much

  10. Lisa what would you reccomend in 2019, are there any options with dual drives? Or where yoh can add 2nd drive? I also like the idea of a laptop that does not have all soldered down so can have ram and hdd upgraded.

  11. Can i do a lightroom and photoshop photoediting with a laptop with i3 8th gen, intel integrated gpu, and a 256gb ssd sata ? Does the i3 affect the app to be slower rather than an i5 ? If it does, how much the differences it would be ? Is it noticable ?

  12. This is gold!! Thank you so much for this. I just graduated from my Master's program and would like to upgrade my current 2012 laptop to run Lightroom and Photoshop. This was right up my alley!!

    Thank You!

  13. I had no problem with lenovo yoga 520 i5 8250u 8gb with big post processing in affinity photo, never fail. And with my yoga 530 i7 8550 even better without any graphic card!

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