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Behind Bars: Rookie Year: What’s Your Problem, Bro? (Season 2) | A&E

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Rookie CO D’Angelo gets into a fight with an inmate who is a suspected gang member in this clip from Season 2, Episode 1, “A New Threat”. #BehindBars
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“Behind Bars: Rookie Year” follows a group of new recruits at the New Mexico Corrections Academy (NMCA) as they come face-to-face with criminals who take pleasure in preying on weakness. Whether they’re cadets in training or brand new on the line, the officers all wrestle with a critical life-or-death question: Is it worth it?

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41 thoughts on “Behind Bars: Rookie Year: What’s Your Problem, Bro? (Season 2) | A&E

  1. Why don't they just have a sergeant with them for their first few weeks to let them know what is ok and what is not and how to handle the situation? You're setting them up for failure otherwise.

  2. The co shouldn’t of took him out and confronted him like that. Then again that guy was being hostile for no reason. You can’t let the give inmates get to you that easy, he lost control of the situation pretty much.. too much pride sometimes.

  3. Every minute of every day, inmates (attempt) to manipulate staff, & they pull every trick known to to man, to mess w/ rookie staff

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