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Behind Bars: Rookie Year: Top 7 Biggest Inmate Troublemakers | A&E

Check out the top moments from Behind Bars that showcase some of the jail’s biggest troublemakers, including one inmate who taunts an officer while he’s shaking down his cell, and a group of inmates who prank on the officers by trashing the unit with their dinner plates. #BehindBars
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45 thoughts on “Behind Bars: Rookie Year: Top 7 Biggest Inmate Troublemakers | A&E

  1. Man these mofos already break the law and they want to show attitude and cuss at these hard working officers. These criminals should be kicked in the balls and thrown all the way down in North Korea or Antarctica.

  2. Why are they arguing with the inmate give him a directives if he dont comply cuff him he resists make him cuff up if he continues to resist use minimum force nessissary to secure the situation.

  3. 5:23
    “We get the last laugh”
    Yea I’m sure the guards r really stressing over that when they get to to home to their wives with a good meal when ur stuck in there getting raped eating garbage….

  4. That cop dumb using s shot gun in long range with his fellow cops in the area where his gonna be aiming/shooting the shot gun at.

  5. If vets that fight for are country cant be suspended from a job for breaking the law so know u police u gaurds make are country look like idiots there a second stamdered on cops not vets ect just cops

  6. Justice is letting cops go who break the law even tho they arrest people for it but go do it and suspended as ur kid get the same life bc he not a copit funny g

  7. Ya want a riot g lets start it crypt cops and crypt gaurds should be double charged if they take the badge an honner go agaist it not suspended have fun now

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