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Beginner Blues Bass “Survival Shapes” (Simple Method for 12 Bar Blues)

Nail the blues in 15 minutes with this no-fluff beginner blues bass lesson.

1:01 – Blues Survival Shapes
5:14 – Why the Shapes Work
7:16 – 12 Bar Blues Basics
10:50 – Howlin’ Wolf Play-along
12:24 – Stevie Ray Vaughan Play-along

By the end of this beginner blues bass lesson, I’ll have you playing a 12 bar blues, even if you just started playing bass.

I’ll show you two easy “Blues Survival Shapes” that’ll help you get around a blues in any key without getting lost. I’ll show you how you can use those shapes to play blues bass lines ranging from super simple to pro level lines.

Once you’ve got the shapes under your fingers, I’ll unravel the theory behind why they work (without making your brain explode).

Then we’ll walk through the 12 bar blues form, which is crucial no matter what style of blues you want to play. I’ll show you how that fits into a couple popular blues songs.

We’ll pull the shapes and the 12 bar form all together when we play along with Howlin’ Wolf and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

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27 thoughts on “Beginner Blues Bass “Survival Shapes” (Simple Method for 12 Bar Blues)

  1. Dude you have some really fantastic online lessons. Your funk video was a big eye opener for me in particular. The only thing I need to suggest to you is MORE VIDEOS!!! What you have so far is awesome please make more lesson type videos. I truly believe you have a wealth of info to share and you are great at how you go about teaching it. Big time thumbs up👍

  2. Hey Josh its randy again hey guy thanks a whole bunch, I didn't understand how the 12 bars blues was played until you you showed me how to play and understanding how to play the 12 blues, hey you got me feeling good about playing again knowing how to play and play right I was stuck in this department but now I feel like moveing forward thanks Josh I try hard to keep up working on my studies thank God and you I love the stuff you teaching I am 60 years old and I feel like a teenager again in music class can't wait to know more and more and more !!!!!!

  3. I've been playing bass for nearly 30 years, and blues for at least 2/3 of that. In that time I've realised that you never stop learning, which is why I watched your video from end to end, and still picked up a couple of good tips. I wish I'd had this video to watch 30 years ago – I may have ended up a better player for it!
    Thanks – I'll keep a look out for your stuff in the future and pass it on to a couple of my students.

  4. Nice job I shoul have learned this in grade school, years later…. Here we are in your face lol.
    So mote it be blues!

  5. My 2 older brothers played in a blues band, back in the 60's. One played drums and the other bass guitar. Now I'm learning how to play the bass guitar. Thanks for all the help.

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