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BARTARI – Scranton Pennsylvania’s First Bar/Arcade

Downtown Scranton has something new that are making people excited and it involves arcade games. Filling in the former local of Molly Branigans is a brand new place that is the first of its kind for the area. Bartari, which is part bar, part restaurant and part arcade had their soft opening today. So i decided to see what this place has to offer. So join me as we experience Bartari. Enjoy

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21 thoughts on “BARTARI – Scranton Pennsylvania’s First Bar/Arcade

  1. A kong BIG Mac!!!👍👍👍
    I lol'd at the reaction to that sauce!!!🤣🤣🤣 No shade at all, because your family is AWESOME, but you don't have the most adventurous of palettes, so I saw that one coming!!!🤣🤣🤣
    There's this bar in Elmira that has THE BEST FRIED CHEESE!!! Not curds, but cheese, and they served it w cocktail sauce, AND I MISS IT!!!😄😄😄 Soooooo good. LOVE bar foods!!!
    Good games!!! The Harley pinball machine looked like one we used to have in the game room, and it shook and rumbled, and played "Bad to the Bone" when it started up. Fun vid!!!👍👍👍

  2. Digdugdigdugdigdug!!!👍🤗💖
    Lmao @ me PAUSING AND MEMORIZING a menu I'm no where near enough to eat!!!🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍🧀🍏🍟🌭🍤🍗🍝🍦

  3. Gives kids something to do and stay out of trouble, different foods are my favorite to try… gotta open your mind and tastebuds to ones out of your zone and I believe that you had a side of coleslaw with your fried cheese curds…. which to each your own… I like most coleslaws…. it must be a Pennsylvania Dutch thing…lol

  4. Cool arcade I use to live at the arcades/ Pool Hall in my town back in the 80's and 90's it's been a long time since I have been to one since most of them shut down years ago the one in my town shut down in 97 or 98 it sucked because I met lot's of people there and lot's of girls too also got in lot's of trouble too LOL!!

  5. We have something like that around here, I have never been there myself yet, still on my bucket list. Analog Arcade Bar… Davenport. Iowa

  6. Hey, they opened on my birthday! 🤗 that looks like a lot of fun! You’re hilarious. “Oh, now I got a chick fighting me…..I died” hahaha

  7. We had a place here in Warsaw like that, called Token-N-Tickets. You bought tokens to play the games and you got tickets when you won and used them to buy merchandise in their store. It was so much fun, for ages 4 and up. They even had a room you could reserve for birthday parties. Thanks for sharing this, it brought back so many good memories. Have fun!

  8. ….And an interesting menu…..I've been more of an arcade game spectator than a player. I did play PONG when it first appeared….I don't remember the year. Also remember the arcade games craze of the early 80s, with Pac Man and Donkey Kong. And Mario. "Donkey Kong" means "Crazy Monkey" in Japanese.
    They were very addicting to kids at that time. I watched my then boyfriend's son play, both at home, with Nintendo, and then at the mall. We felt he spent too much money and time there. It was a phase. All kids go through lots of phases.

  9. That brings back the good ole days jay. Been in some arcade rooms and that one has a lot of of games to choose from. That was pretty cool jay.

  10. Lol, I could tell by your face you weren't crazy about the food, you have a very expressive face. You did better than I would at the gamesmanship but looks like a fun place but more for younger crowd. Thx for sharing,, hopefully you will get the aliens next time, lol

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