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Barstool Pizza Review – Via Roma Pizza Bar (Brooklyn)

47 thoughts on “Barstool Pizza Review – Via Roma Pizza Bar (Brooklyn)

  1. My 5 year old nephew needs his pajama shirt back Dave …. and don’t spill any Pizza or Coke – OR COKE – on it please …

  2. I'm watching this from Amsterdam and i think I might start doing this overhere..its crazy how one guy simply goes to every pizza place in town with one camera guy and taste it (one bite everyone knows the rules) and give it a score based on his own personal taste..might be always real might not..especially if you see how people make his personal taste and personal opinion this norm for rating a pizza…people getting shot down or make more money based on this one guy's eating.. it's crazy how people are reacting…I'm sure the fact that he is Dave Portnoy who loves pizza plays a role..but still..I think I can pull it off overhere

  3. I don't wanna download that shitty app, what score does this place have on there? I live in Brooklyn I might have to take a trip.

  4. He just throwing out the same scores every review now.. definitely on the back 9 of his pizza reviewing career.. the passion just isn't there anymore

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