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BAR TALK with Frank Medrano: How we started Calisthenics – Stipke 2019

BAR TALK with Frank Medrano: How we started Calisthenics – Stipke 2019

Frank Medrano:

Frank Medrano is a calisthenics god. While I started joining the game, everyone already knew about Frank and his successes. I am happy to have developed a close friendship to him and to be able to present you this interview today. If you have ever wondered how this calisthenics legend started his career – today’s video will answer all your questions! Get to know all the facts about Frank Medrano and feel free to drop more questions in the comments. BTW, what shirt is he wearing there? Hmmm…

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Video made by 25seven


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37 thoughts on “BAR TALK with Frank Medrano: How we started Calisthenics – Stipke 2019

  1. NEW SERIES for the GANG!
    Called BAR TALK where ill have sit down talk with calisthenics athletes.
    Who do you wanna see next?

    Thanks to Medrano for being in the first video

  2. what's up teacher?
    How can I get the type of shirt you wear with the gorilla gang logo, do you have an online store?

  3. I go through the same thing here where more I train calisthenics and there are always talking people trying to demotivate the button or the headset at high volume. the only one alone is 2 …. 3 years old and I follow or the content you already passed, I set up my parallel and my bar in the house was kind of precarious as the conditions, but no matter and no matter what conditions they should being, the important thing is to do.💪🦍🇧🇷

  4. Vadym and saibov definitely 🔥. From the USA Austin 👍🏻 , just watched the video, keep up the good work💪🏻

  5. please Dejan check out the video, there is a mistake on 54 minutes and on 1:01. The video starts from the beginning for some seconds

  6. Frank Medrano video still motivating me until now, it's been 4 years since I saw his video and I'm still watching it specially when I got bored on workout.

  7. Watched whole video …. You guys are amazing! Frank, you are my motivation since 2008! Thank you guys for this interview!

  8. He is so humble and patient its unreal thats what eyem working towards being at complete peace within myself and the universe eye am a work in progress tho 💯

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