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Bar etiquette

45 thoughts on “Bar etiquette

  1. This guy has real skill. I've never known a bartender that could make a proper drink with their head up their ass! Impressive.

  2. My bartender teacher showed this is our class & cautioned us to be just opposite of him….This is the technique of negative to become a famous ..this guy was spoiling the industry ..

  3. My mixology lecture showed this video in our class as bad etiquette of bartender and this is a negative marketing to become famous

  4. My bartender teacher showed this our class & cautioned us to be just the opposite of him….this is the technique of negative maketing to become famous

  5. My bartender teacher showed this in our class & cautioned us to be just the opposite of him.this a teqnic of negative marketing to become famous.

  6. My bartender teacher showed this in our class and cautioned us to be just the opposite of him. This is a strategy to become a famous through negative marketing.

  7. A lot of people don’t have any manners. Most of them is just courtesy. As a bartender he is absolutely right.

    Who the fuck wants to see anyone make out at the bar?
    Bitch, don’t wave your cash or check. Bring the shit to me!!
    You should know what you want prior to entering the building.

    These things are just simple courtesy issues.

  8. Just seems like one of those slightly shy dudes that's massively over-compensating by acting out his own idea of what an "alpha" should be. Be yourself, man. It's fine.

  9. What is up with these bartenders? Why the fuck do they think they are some kinda badass? Shut the fuck up and pour my fucking drink.

  10. Drinking wine is a European tradition.. it has nothing to do with being a man or a woman… mixed drinks is a woman's drink, ever since the days of the bathtub gin!

  11. yeah we should have a internet that is not american that is what gets me pissed is having to fukin search endlessly for footage that is relevant to my world..

  12. This guy should not work as a bartender, but more like the guy cleaning the bar at the end of the night. Where he will not have to deal with any patrons or harrassed anyone for the kind of drink they order.

  13. Thank you for letting me know that if I walk in to a bar and see you working, I should not waste my time and just leave.

  14. A bar is a bar. The term "dive bar" is a stupid amerikan consumerist construct. Get it? It is not to be referred to as a "dive bar", it is just a "dive". Amerikans and their dumb assed designations.

  15. Some of his points may need clarification – the early ones about knowing your drink apply to a really busy bar. Nobody wants to be kept waiting by someone making small talk about drinks. Cut some slack if a quiet venue.

    The guy has the courage to put himself out there and give an opinion. Controversy gets views. He has thousands of views along with likes / dislikes. He has an opinion.

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