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Bar Equipment And Their Uses II Hotel Bar Tools

Bar Floor Mat
Floor mats are put on the bar floor for hygienic reason and also to reducing breakage from accidental droping of glasswares
Bar Caddies
Used for Holding Cocktail Napkin, Straws, Stirrer and Coasters.
Bar Condiment Caddies
For keeping all cut fruits and garnish which are used for making cocktails and mocktails.

Bottle/ Opener
A bottle opener are used to remove the metal caps from bottles..

Wine Opener
Used for Opening Red and White wine

Pour Spouts
Pour spouts help bartenders portion every shot to the amount management wants the customers to receive, This also helps to reduce the inflated size bartenders tend to pour for guests.
Used to Measure spirits / liqueur or other mixer.

Cocktail Shaker
Used as s pair of stainless steel shaker, and also for all stirred cocktails and muddled fruits, can measure volume of juice / mixer as well.

Cocktail Strainer
Use as a pair with cocktail shaker, to strain ice, foam or other substance from the drinks.

Ice Scoop
Use in Ice Bin or Ice machine.

Ice Bucket
Used for serving ice on guest table, served along with a ice tong.
A muddler is a bartender’s tool used for muddling fruits, herbs or spices inorder to get the juice or crumb and also to release their flavour.

Bar Spoon
Used for Mixing cocktail or mixer.
Margarita Tray
3 separate layers for Lime/Lemon juice, salt and sugar, use for applying salt or sugar on the glass edge.

Swizzle Sticks
Used for holding fruit garnishes or stir deinks.

Fruit Paring Knife
Knife with a short blade and firm handle, used in paring fruit and vegetables

Instrument for measuring the density of liquids


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