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Bar Coyote Ugly

20 thoughts on “Bar Coyote Ugly

  1. I should've known I was a lesbian when I was younger LMAO I rewatched this movie so many times 💀💀💀🤦🤦🤷

  2. This movie made me get a job at a bar just like this when i was 21. I was so shy and quiet but it completely changed my life and i have the best memories! I recommend it to any girl who wants to break out of her shell and enjoy life while making a TON of money!!

  3. I love how she says “this is my new girl who’s name is jersey” and who is a X kindergarten teacher! and a former nun,who just escaped from the convent and IS TIRED OF BEING THE ONLY VIRGIN IN NEW YORK CITY!! Would anyone like to buy her a drink?!!😂😂

  4. bar sahibi KADIN SANKI ERDINCIN disi hali…yasin ifadesi de cok güzel…iki kisiyi bu kadar ayni yüzde toplayabilir insan

  5. I grew up wth this movie to this day i still watch it and i get the weird looks for watching. I dont care tbh i love it 😛

  6. This is like…what Homer Simpson thinks working at a bar is like.

    I've never seen the entire movie, but I DO work at a real dive bar (think somewhere between this and the bar from Star Wars).
    My boss never said anything about me dating patrons, stopping by to get shitfaced on my day off or even making out with the other bartender during a shift,
    but drinking at work, dancing at the counter (and lighting it on fire?) and spraying people with alcohol would get you fired from any bart in the blink of an eye.

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