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Bar (browning automatic rifle) shooting

35 thoughts on “Bar (browning automatic rifle) shooting

  1. I actually got a message from the gun owner, it turns out it IS a BAR type D. However, most people refer to BAR meaning the BAR 1918A3, the classic videogame BAR. That version has a slight pistol grip integrated into the stock, whereas the Type D and Wz26 both have a full pistol grip and a different looking barrel/gas assembly.

  2. God Damn. Here's the thing: I couldn't understand your stupid response because you can't type! Or speak proper English, either. How about you learn to write and then submit your response again?

  3. so why not get a 12 gauge then because its not like the government will just charge your house and search it for guns and a 12 ga. will make fast work of them

  4. you got the belgium part right but this most definatley isnt a fn fal. In no way is it a fal. Its a browning wz 1928. A BAR variant made in belgium.

  5. Look real close at the buttstock at the trigger.This weapon IS NOT a Browning Automatic Rifle. This is a FAL( originally made in Belgum,in the 1960's).This weapon has a pistolgrip. BAR's didn't have pistolgrips.

  6. Id rather have a semi auto pkm than a bar. Although the bar is a classic im not a fan of the 20 round magizine. Id rather have the hundred round belt. The ammo is cheaper too.

  7. Yeah, thats alot more than id be willing to pay. Although the bar is an awsome weapon, its not 5000 dollars awsome. So many other firearms you could buy with that kind of money

  8. Actually, it's a BAR FN M30 Model D.
    Te FM30 was a lincense-produced copy of the BAR, with some improvements, and was made in Belgium, and used by the Belgian and Polish armies in WW2.
    The model D is a post-war version with a replaceable barrel. Used by the Belgian army.

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