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Bar Brothers 5 Hell Workout Routines!

👇Click here for full mind and body Transformation!

We have worked on this project for 3 years. We put everything we could into this and it was all worth it.
If you are looking for a full transformation make sure you input your email.
We promise you that it will change your life. Click the link above now! Bar Brothers salute!

Speeches credit: Les Brown , Unknown


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32 thoughts on “Bar Brothers 5 Hell Workout Routines!

  1. Thank you for watching! Subscribe to be notified for video that’s coming out with Hannibal for king in New York !
    Like and challenge a friend with this routine.
    Salute ! #BarBrothers

  2. Please continue with This hell routines🙌🏼 Bar Brothers everyday all around the world!!!
    Thank you to the brothers of Bar brothers Italy for reborn this feeling and passion in me !!
    I Love you guys, one day I want to train with you / un giorno voglio allenarmi con te Fratellos🤜🤛

  3. I've had an injury in my wrist (sprain) and now my journy is on hold💔 It's been 8 months still not healed yet.
    Guys, please upload stuff about medications and treatments and usual injuries in this game.

    We really need this also next to those amazing motivation videos.


  4. Lazar why don't you do bodybuilding shows yur physique is better than most of BBrs and u can have sponsors and good money from it

  5. Great video! You guys always seem to motivate me harder then others 👊🏻🙏 i did notice a mistake in the workout routine description, u meant 10 pullups and it says 1.. you guys rock! Thanks for being the change i needed in my life 2 years ago 🙏🙏

  6. subscribed
    I should have done it for a long time ago
    it's weird I have been watching his channel all this time and I know I realized that I am not a subscriber
    don't forget to subscribe guys

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