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Bar Battles! “The 30 Year Bar Exam”

A lawyer-hopeful has fought for 30 years to reveal her Bar Exam results and whether she will finally become a licensed attorney. The Ohio Board of Bar Examiners has other ideas.

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27 thoughts on “Bar Battles! “The 30 Year Bar Exam”

  1. You would think that after the first time before the bar and them denying you for lying under oath, and you still wanted to be a lawyer, you'd do everything that you could to avoid any appearance of lying in any way to anyone.

  2. IF she had just been honest about her past misdeeds she would have passed the bar ages ago probably. Nobody told her how to eat crow.

  3. Yeesh, this woman sounds like a pathological liar. After 30 years of trying, she still can't bring herself to be honest.

  4. Lying to a judge happens more often that you seem to realise. I know of someone who did 3.5 yrs as a result of not only the so called "victims" but their legal council lying to a judge.

  5. Playing Devils Advocate I have to wonder if she is the victim of a vendetta either against her or against her mentor. This isn't taking place across various towns in a district or across multiple districts, she is stuck in limbo in this one town for decades. What better way to punish her than to do what they have done. It would be interesting to follow the money and see if someone thought they were getting money from here mentors estate and didn't. Why would she lie under oath about who had written what and if she indeed "Lied Under Oath"!!! why just delay her taking the exam for 3 years? Wouldn't that disqualify her forever?

  6. What I dont understand is how the board recommended her 1995 application be approved but the court in 1996 rejected it without explanation and ordered her to wait an additional 2 years before reapplying, to arbitrarily say no without a reason seems a little harsh

  7. I get the feeling that she'd end up like Liebowitz were she to be admitted. Namely getting sanctions on a regular basis.

    Though I do wonder… why some admitted lawyers that have routinely shown poor judgment haven't been disbarred. For example, ones that go on TV and implicate their client in crimes.

  8. I saw "Bar Battles" in the title and thought maybe this was going to be about the three judges who got into a night of drunken brawling and debauchery. The story is about Judges Bradley Jacobs, Sabrina Bell, and Andrew Adams of Indiana. If you haven't heard about it, it's worth looking up.

  9. it's also possible to pass the bar without going to law school at all Frank Abingnale Jr. (the guy "Catch me if you can" was about) passed the Louisiana Bar but never went to law school (cause apparently all he had to study was the Napoleonic court of law cause that's all they test for)

  10. I'm so sorry your fiance left you just before you took the bar exam that must have been an incredibly stressful and painful time for you.

  11. No wonder "access to justice" crisis exists. The ABA goes out of their way to stop people from becoming lawyers so as to protect their neo-monopoly. If more people were allowed to become lawyers, the cost of hiring a lawyer would go down. It is the law industry's interest to bar people from taking the bar exam and becoming lawyers. This is why shitty lawyers like Liebowitz, Morgan, et al, get to keep practicing law. They know whose palms to grease to become a lawyer.

  12. I'll admit to being puzzled why the Board did not permanently disqualify this candidate. In the best interpretation, she doesn't seem to realise the difference between honesty (thou shalt tell the truth) and candour (thou shalt tell the whole truth, even the bits that make you look bad). She keeps trying to edit things out and keeps failing the test as a consequence.

    The less charitable interpretation is that she knows perfectly well she isn't being candid with the Board…but is too stupid to realise that the Board keeps records, knows perfectly well what has happened and will catch any such attempt. So she keeps thinking she can pull the wool over the Board's eyes…and surprise, surprise, she keeps getting caught.

    Either way, if she hasn't worked one or the other out in 30 years of trying then I think the kindest thing to do would be to put her out of her misery, lest she spend the rest of her life pulling on doors marked 'Push'.

  13. I find myself fascinated by lawyer disciplinary cases. To think that some of these people who actually passed the bar exam have fallen so hard so to get disbarred…it's crazy.

  14. It's pathetic how the state bar, who controls who is allowed to practice law, is FAR more forgiving than your average employer.

    "Well we'd love to hire you but your background check popped up some legal action 30 years ago so you can't be trusted ever for any reason ever."


    "Well we'd love to admit you to the bar but your background check popped up some legal action 30 years ago so tell us why we shouldn't hold that against you and if you're honest and truthful while showing contrition for any wrongdoing on your part then we'll still consider your application."

    Seriously, the more I learn about lawyers the more I'm impressed by the people that screw up so massively, so epically, that they get permanently disbarred.

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