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Auxbeam 12 inch Light Bar is on the 3300

20 thoughts on “Auxbeam 12 inch Light Bar is on the 3300

  1. That Auxbeam light bar looks like it's going to really light things up for your late evening work hours. Looking forward to seeing how well they light up the field. Stay safe.

  2. I’ve put magnetic bases on a couple to make them more adjustable and can switch them to another piece of equipment using battery clips or lighter plug. Thx

  3. Looks good Soybean Farmer!! Are you going to have to change out the alternator? Just a few more of those lights and it will seem like your harvesting in daylight! The big guys have a light directed in the grain bin, out the back to check straw and on the end of the unloading auger to see into the truck bed or wagon, so just another 50' of wire and 3-4 more lights. LOL!

  4. Well Mr. Soybean Farmer you know beans now you will be able to see beans with no problem. We hope the alternator is a cheap easy fix.

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