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Australian Taste Test Milky Bar Smarties and Popcorn

Australian Taste Test

Check out Hef’s amazing cakes:

Milky Bar With Smarties Popcorn-
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Lots of Yummy treats in this video.
Milky Bar Smarties
Poppin Shakers Super Cheese and Maple Bacon
Choc Hazelnut and Gooey Caramel TimTams
TimTam Crab Flavoured Snacks
Mars Bar Caramel Mud Cake
Dairy Milk Peanut Brittle
Moccona Maple Pecan Crave and Spiced choc orange sensation

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Maybe this time
Puppy Love
Kate’s Waltz
Life of Riley Brandenburg No 1 No good layabout by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0”


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30 thoughts on “Australian Taste Test Milky Bar Smarties and Popcorn

  1. Truth is, I think you're joking – but I bet that is the real reason you got married you two – lol – "This would make the ultimate ship name online!!"

  2. Thanks hef thanks tam I tried the pop corn in the bag microwaved many years ago same thing happened to me uncooked corn in the bottom lol hope you and tim are well

  3. Thank you so much Tam. I really needed this today. You’ve got a knack of always making me smile. Have an amazing day! =)

  4. Awesome video! Thanks for the inspiration! I can’t wait to do an Australian candy taste test on my own channel soon!

  5. Tam Tam is actually really popular in Malaysia because it like a little pillow biscuit with more salt then crab 🙂 we Malaysians are quite salty XD

  6. Thanks Hef and Tam. Yay, new microwave for you. White chocolate used to be my favorite, now it's to sweet and I've gone over to the dark side. Que the star wars theme.🕵️‍♀️

  7. In the US they sell powdered flavors for popcorn, sweet, spicy and salty ones. They even sell mini ones at the theaters. My boys love kettle corn and white cheddar.

  8. Thanks Hef!

    For once I actually tasted an Australian product before you. My nephew lives in Sydney and he came back home to the U.S.A. to visit. He brought tons of Tim Tams. He gave me the hazelnut caramel ones. Good but not my favorite. The white chocolate ones are now my favorites.

    Good video. You have me craving white chocolate. My favorite white chocolate is this brand called Green & Blacks. This white chocolate tastes amazing as it slowly melts in your mouth. I highly recommend it if you ever run across it.

    I am jealous you got a new microwave. I need a new one, too, but as long as it sort of works I'll resist spending the money. I'm sure it will die at the absolute worst moment.

  9. you stuffed up… do not stop the microwave to check to early, just leave the microwave going for longer so the rest will pop…by stopping the mirco you ruined the popping progress

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