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At Delhi’s first oxygen bar, breathe in ‘pure air’ for Rs 300

Founded by Aryavir Kumar and Margarita Kuritsyana, Delhi’s first-ever Oxygen bar ‘Oxy Pure’ offers just what we need, a breath of fresh air.

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4 thoughts on “At Delhi’s first oxygen bar, breathe in ‘pure air’ for Rs 300

  1. Critical review: in whole video I didn't see even a single plant living. All green decorations are done by plastics. And people follow sheep mentality thay can line up for anything. No surprise seeing this.

    300 for this, buy a plant grow it that's going to improve your house air, neighborhood and Society. This means protect yourself with money and not others. Rich, greedy, Govts have destroyed natural settings.

    Make a mass movement and bring trees in red line area of metro, old Delhi, narela,burari sant nagar. Ask MCD to go on green drive l, escaping duties by buying alternatives. Will not work bhaiya sudhar jao

    All your richness will melt away the day nature count its bill

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