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ASMR | Salad Bar Roleplay🥗✨ | No Props, Visual Triggers + More 💚

What do you like on your salad?

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Welcome back to my channel, I am so happy that you stopped by. I love you very much and my goal is to make you relax. Oh? What am I doing? Just giving you a lovely brain massage! 🙂

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37 thoughts on “ASMR | Salad Bar Roleplay🥗✨ | No Props, Visual Triggers + More 💚

  1. I really love the soft light tinting you add to your videos + generally darkish backgrounds. I don’t know how you achieve this effect. But I’m incredibly in awe. I used to groom at a professional equine barn years ago. I would get up before the sun, drive out to the barn, and start taking care of the horses. I’d often be out there at dawn. This lighting is exactly what it’d look like early on the morning just before the sun started to rise – all purplish and still kinda dark, but shadows starting to diminish before the sun peeks over the horizon. It was always incredibly peaceful – nobody else was out, the horses would be contently chewing their breakfast, and no creatures made noise. It was some of the most serene moments of my life. My grooming days are long over, but thank you for this trip down memory lane. I love this lighting – please continue in the future!!!

  2. 14:03 “Thighs and island dressing” 😂 I really love the restaurant-y roleplays, and this is one of my favourites. I hope you make another like this sometime. Maybe one of those Japanese places where they make the food in front of you 🤗🤗🤗

  3. batala: we can start off with meat
    me: oh i’m vegetarian
    batala: take your time, that’s fine
    me: huh?
    batala: steak, i knew you would

  4. Batala girl, I adore you so much! Your energy, your talent, your personality, it's all glowing so bright! And you are SO PRETTY!! You look fantastic and beautifully accented with that gloss/hoop combo. I swear this isn't meant to be creepy, I'm just a fan who thinks you're a great human. 😂 I know ASL too and I'd love to see you applying it more in videos! AlSo, I love the intense RP and fun content of this video! Propless ASMR from a Sound Effect Queen! Awesome stuff!

  5. Your propless roleplays are such a favorite of mine! Always glad when one pops up in my notifications even when it's a 23 hours late 😤

  6. Batala saying "gist" made me think of my ELA class

    I don't like ela and its the class i do the worst in next to algebra

    Also when she asked for how many cucumber slices I wanted I said 5 then she said 5
    How weird?

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