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Artist Designer Review: Dell UP3017 Monitor (2560 x 1600 resolution)

This review is for creative professionals who use monitors for graphic design, art, photo and video editing. The Dell UP3017 supports 99% Adobe RGB, 99% sRGB, 99% REC 709
and 99% DCI-P3.

Dell UP3017 Text Review:

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27 thoughts on “Artist Designer Review: Dell UP3017 Monitor (2560 x 1600 resolution)

  1. for those that want know how to make that trick that puts in monitor pnp not generic;
    you must unplug the screen power , and when its off unplug the VGA cable, for like 5 seconds after that connect again the VGA cable. and leave the screen plugged off from energy for some 30 seconds, then connect the screen again to the energy and windows will put you the full list of resolution,
    i discovered this by pluggin in another screen that was bigger than the 17inch,
    and having both connected to the energy, i disconected the vga cable from one screen to the other and windows stills detect it like the other screen that had the cable 1st, and displays also the same resolution.

  2. i do this thing, i want buy a monitor that could display 2560×1600 but with some lower inches than the requested
    i have a monitor of 17 inch== 1280×1024 60/75 Hz VGA ;
    i use it in 1920×1200 with a trick in windows that allows me the full standart list until 2560x 1600
    i can watch 2560 x 1600 with a trick in a game by running it in windowed mode and when its open just make the task bar to hide and the game automaticly rescale to the resolution wanted, so ive seen this also,..
    my windows sometimes gets crazy and display the resolutions high that my screen doesnt support but it doesnt downscale it to the size of my screen. so it moves the screen with the mouse, i mean the video output moves with the mouse i scroll down or up or sides to watch the things etc,,

  3. I really appreciate this man's clearly professional, concise descriptions, in lay terms that are easy to understand without fancy jargon or the biases of snob appeal and such. Seeing how the attraction of 4k sounds superior, but in fact may be less functional for critical photo editing work, for example, is even summarized well in the video title itself.

  4. Got a U3011 here. Had it for about six years. Awesome monitor but is just beginning to die. A UP3017 looks awesome, but they have removed some useful features. The SD card reader on the U3011 is very handy.

  5. I would prefer the Eizo ColorEdge to this. No issues with blue cast on white bg or any banding. But it's more expensive of course.

  6. Hello, i also have the u3014, im running it on a raden 7970 with display port at 10 bits running at 6500k in color radeon softwar as opposed to automatic, i got it calibrated using xrite device setting the monitor to sRGB mode in setting. so when i see white backgrounds i see some green tint in it. am i doing everything right? or is there some minute tweaking im missing? whats the best setting to do before calibrating this monitor primarily for photos? thanks

  7. Hello Teoh,
    i have bought dell up3017 and delivered.
    Now the client is asking me to submit

    help me with the subject matter


  8. Question, could I downscale this to 1920X1200 so I can have a larger images and texts without sacrificing clarity and sharpness? This question is also the same question for the 2716D (which I know you love). My 2011 Macbook Pro 17" native is 1920X1200 but the card supports up to the 2560X1600. But, because of my poor eyesight and my desire for page fill, I am always zooming in on the U2415 I just bought. I have read that getting a 4K monitor and scaling to 1080 is poor. Please help. I trust your knowledge over any other youtuber.

  9. I hope you can help me. I just purchased the U2415. The size is fine, but the resolution I am not happy with. I have the same Late 2011 Macbook Pro as you. So, my logic was to get the same 16X10 ratio for a monitor and the 24" is big enough. My question is this – if I got this monitor – like you did – even though the graphics card in the Macbook only pushed 1920X1200 – will THIS MONITOR display things with a higher resolution, more crisp? Please help. Thank you.

  10. I have the U3011, its still going strong, however I do have some scratches on the protective panel.  Wish I could get it replaced.

  11. Thanks for the review.
    I've had the first model 3011v2 for many years & been very happy with it for my PS & Painter art. It now has startup issues & depending on the repair cost I may need to replace it with this model.

    One concern however is the U3017 doesn't have a DVI-D connection like the 3011. I have 2 computers connected to the monitor. My workstation is hooked up to it's DP, while my online computer is connected via the DVI-D.

  12. I got the U3014. I would expect the backlight bleed to be better on the newer UP3017, but it actually is worse. Looks like I don't have to change anytime soon.

  13. Love your reviews. Very in depth. However, would like to see you compare gaming monitors to more professional ones, to see how color accurate the gaming monitors really are. Everybody sais the new ips gaming monitors like the Asus pg279q are accurate, but how true is it?

  14. Just a question… you mentioned that the 4K monitor was a more attractive buy… but wouldnt the overly high ppi be a deal-breaker as your interface elements and fonts will be too small to be usable? Thanks.

  15. Thanks for the review. There really isn't any videos online about this monitor ATM. Tom's Hardware has a really good technical review to check out.

  16. it's already callibrated why do i have to do it again ?!!!! dose color change in prudction from time to time that's why callibratin is good ?!!

  17. I have been using the Dell 3014 monitor for a little more than a year and I love it. I am a photographer and it does the job better than others I have had. Thanks for the review.

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