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Artist/Designer Review: Dell U3219Q 4K IPS Monitor

Big thanks to Dell Singapore for providing me with the review unit. This is the first time I’m using a 32-inch 4K monitor.

Price at the time of review is US $899 or SGD 1,199.

01:30 – Design, build quality
03:06 – Vertical format, page design
05:50 – Text legibility, 4K scaling
11:00 – USB C
12:08 – Photo editing
13:39 – Colour support
17:05 – Video editing
19:06 – Input lag
20:43 – Backlight bleed, black colour uniformity
23:00 – HDR
24:01 – Conclusion

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27 thoughts on “Artist/Designer Review: Dell U3219Q 4K IPS Monitor

  1. Great review, thank you! Have you noticed any flicker? I see that the monitor is not flicker-free, but i wonder if its noticeable for professional work.

  2. I have this monitor and I peeled off the AG coating and it’s 300 times much more clearer and satisfying. I even have a window behind me but some glare is worth the trade off.

  3. i bought last month benq ew3270u va panel gaming monitor and benq sw320 ips dual monitor..iam a professional 3d and vfx mentor..both monitors looking like difference from factory color calibration…hdr working fine..colour grading works fine…onetime investment i recommend please buy this monitor..

  4. I have two of these at work and use them for programming, they are so AWESOME!!!!! Solid stable stand they do not wobble on me at all. The only bad thing is they are expensive so when it seems like someone might be preparing to touch your screen is a bit stressful because no one wants a dead pixel.

  5. so, if you don't want to scale, but keep it at native resolution – would you recommend another monitor? from what i read, 110 DPI seems to be the sweet spot. 27 inch 1440p

  6. Shopping for a new monitor at the moment, and have mainly been looking at this Dell monitor and the LG 32UD99.

    Just want to say that I really appreciate the level of detail you went in to when filming this review – it's without a doubt one of the most detailed monitor reviews I have seen, and covers pretty much everything you could possible want to know. Thanks!!!

  7. Thanks to this great review I bought this monitor, but I have a problem, the sceen gets black from time to time, I updated my drivers and other stuff, but the screen still gets black from time to time and then comes back, is this a Windows 10 problem? Anyone have a solution?

  8. Hi Teoh, thanks for the review. For web design works (80%) + photo and video editing (20%), would you recommend a 32” 4K monitor (Dell 3219Q) or go with 1440p Ultrawide monitor (Dell U4919DW or U3419W)? Thanks.

  9. Hi, thank you for the great review.
    How is the monitor for gaming in terms of input lag because I know it doesn’t have freesynce?

  10. Contents
    1:30 – Design, build quality
    3:06 – Vertical format, page design
    5:50 – Text legibility, 4k scaling
    11:00 – USB C
    12:08 – Photo editing
    13:39 – Colour support
    17:05 – Video editing
    19:06 – Input lag
    20:43 – Backlight bleed, black colour uniformity
    23:00 – HDR
    24:01 – Conclusion

  11. very interested in upgrading from my Dell 3011, would love a higher refresh rate though. Does anyone think that Dell will offer this monitor in the near future with 120Hz refresh?

  12. Really interested in this monitor! Do you think my system would be able to drive it? It’s a Macbook Pro 13" Retina 2.7GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5 128GB – MF839 (2015 New Version). Thanks! 🙂

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