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Are Weight Loss Pills Effective?

Studies show many doctors tend to overestimate the amount of weight loss caused by obesity drugs or were simply clueless.

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As with all lifestyle diseases, it’s better to treat the underlying cause, which in the case of obesity is a fattening diet. Here’s an example of what’s possible with a healthy diet intervention: The Weight Loss Program That Got Better with Time (

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Thanks for watching. I hope you’ll join in the evidence-based nutrition revolution!
-Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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20 thoughts on “Are Weight Loss Pills Effective?

  1. Just catching up on nutrition video while I cook lentil Shepard’s pie from my how not to die cook book. 😂

  2. These big pharmaceutical companies just exploit peoples' desperation to lose weight by marketing these dangerous pills.

  3. I am a new vegan. My Doctor challenged me to go Vegan. I am already starting to feel better. I have extreme morbid obesity. 6' 2" started at 700 lbs. Now under 650 lbs. I appreciate your content and appreciate your work.

  4. Think of all the DEAD Hollywood Stars that have taken Weight Loss Pills and their Birth Defect affect Children. The 1950s were a "Wonderful time" for Diet Pills and now the Children are really suffering the results. Now our children have the Ultimate Diet of a Whole Food, Plant Based Diet.

  5. It really all boils down to calories consumed vs calories burned, nobody will gain weight if they consume less calories than they burn off. simple as that. but people want to be able to eat that whopper, with large fries, and snack with junk food anytime they get the urge, and fix it with a pill. don't talk to me about slow metabolism, rule still applies, I have a slow metabolism, if I limit carbs in my diet, and keep total calories below 1500 a day, I lose weight. 1500 calories is what some people have for lunch.

    as for diet supplements, the only one that I know really worked, was the ECA stack. ( Ephedra Caffeine, Aspirin ) popular in the 90's. but a few abuses by people and negative media coverage, got them removed, just in time for big pharma's Phen fen. fiasco.

  6. I do have a friend that took phentermine and Saxenda and lost 20lbs in a couple months….she looks amazing, but right after she got off of them, her hunger came back significantly and was just insatiable all the time…her hunger levels have gone back to normal now thankfully, but she has kept the weight off. I have lost 30lbs since February but not once have I felt like I was starving. I have just been doing it "the old fashioned way" with diet and exercise. Mine may be slower, but I'm really happy about it.

  7. It’s so telling about the state of our modern health priorities that people would willingly deal with anal leakage, suicidal thoughts, increased cancer risk etc. rather than eat some damn plants and achieve weight loss the healthy way.

    My weight loss medication is all natural, extremely affordable, super effective, and the only side-effect I have is limited options at restaurants. No prescription required!

  8. Instead of solving the root issue people want to take a pill. The pharmaceutical industry has caused this epidemic of obesity, diabetes , atherosclerosis and cancer . If these drugs did not exist , people would have only one choice and that is to go WFPB or die . The drugs just kick the can slightly down the road but it does nothing about the inevitable poor outcomes. 100 years ago if you had morbid hypertension you either went low fat plant based or had a stroke immediately . Now it''s " don't worry we have drugs to lower that . When the highest dose of one doesn't work anymore we have up to 5 different types to make sure you're in the safe zone. Don't worry, it's not your fault it's your genetics. " This garbage unethical immoral lying needs to stop. This is what my family doctor always told me BTW. Not once did he mention diet as a possible solution. NOT ONCE after seeing him every three months for years .

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