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Alleged victim in College Street Bar sex assault testifies

23 thoughts on “Alleged victim in College Street Bar sex assault testifies

  1. Time to raise sentences to 10 plus years MANDATORY cus these clowns will be out in 2-3 years spending most of the time at Bath prison farm taking an easy trip. =( 10 years PLUS NO PAROL..GB that por girl if it was my daughter they would be DEAD~

  2. Why don't they ban the publication of the accused until they are found guilty?? Will they release they alleged victim's identity if its found to be a false claim??

  3. Where are the Skinhead trolls now. Doesn’t diversity is our stench apply here. Where are you Chomos!!!!

    I want a response you punk a$$ B!txhes!!!!

  4. You can tell by the body language and the way they had been throwing her around they’re clearly guilty this is disgusting. My heart goes out to this girl ❤️ unfortunately this happens too often and I definitely know this girls pain

  5. Why was there no one in the bar ??? What happened to her friend she was supposed to meet?? Was that guy the "friend" did she take other substances before showing up ….many questions ……

  6. I was there in December 2016 but not on that day … that place was a sketchy they liked to set the bar on FIRE 🔥 literally

  7. Ok there something that dont make sense she went to a bar around 7pm and end up by herself with the owner and batender at the closure of the bar like why they dont show the footage how it lead up of being by themself first when you reporting a story dont start at the end because if we can see the begining it will change the end of the story🤷🏾‍♂️

  8. I can't see how these 2 guys can get away with it. They kept banging her all night long, over and over again. These guys are SICK!!!!

  9. That poor woman. I hope that the jury makes a wise decision and that justice is served. This behaviour by men is becoming all too common .

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