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All My Flaws | My Perfect Imperfections Tag

Everyone has things that they’re insecure about, but it’s about embracing these traits because it’s what makes us unique. This tag was created by the lovely Andreaschoice and I thought I would bring it back. Watch the original video here:


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29 thoughts on “All My Flaws | My Perfect Imperfections Tag

  1. Perfection is an illusion and wanted to share some insecurities I've come to terms with. I also share some traits that I like too! I would love it if you guys did the same in the comments below. We're all perfectly imperfect. ✨

  2. The eyelid thing is relatable, in my left eye I have triple eyelids and in my left I have double. You can't even notice yours!

  3. I hate my teeth I need braces, I have my lips I wish they were bigger I hate my body shape. I love my moles under my lips that resemble snakebites I love my height I am 5'4.5 so I am short but not too short but I still need help getting up on counters. Lmao

  4. I hate the fact that I’m between heights. I’m 5’0 and a half! Why couldn’t I just be 5’0 or 5’1? Lol! 😂😂

  5. It's freaking crazy how similar we are. I'm also 5ft 1, big calf, uneven eyelid, the personality and even the things I love about myself. Damn o.o

  6. Could you do a hair care video? Or just talk about how you trained your hair to not produce oil bc i need the advice 😂

  7. You’re really beautiful and i love your personality, thank you for using your platform for something so positive 🌟💫

  8. My biggest insecurity is my height and the fact that my calves are huge and thick. I always try to cover them up. I've always wanted to dress up according to my height like in shorts, dresses, skirts and heels but my calves are not a good sight.
    And then, I saw this video and it was a real eye-opener. You're a blessing.

  9. I know it sounds stupid but your eyes look really cute, it’s like people with one blue eye and one other green eye it’s original like a lucky charm

  10. Oh, it’s so refreshing. I know something that I am not satisfied with myself, but I know there is something I am proud of, too.

  11. I still struggle with the height problem. It's one of the major things that bring down my confidence to this day… I'm 4 feet 11.5 inches so very very short…

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