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Alienware Aurora Gaming PC | Review

20 thoughts on “Alienware Aurora Gaming PC | Review

  1. Im a 14 year old bitcoin investor, and i just picked up mt RTX-80i processor, bullish from last equential half's RTXp-79i.

  2. Alien ware is not worth the price either build you own pc or get a prebuilt from brands like cyber power or I buy power.

  3. I had to send this desktop back 3 times. I have to send it back for the 4th time tomorrow. Anybody else had to deal with that many problems with this desktop?

  4. I feel so much better now after hearing this review! I know nothing about whats good and what is crap with computers! I got this exact pc for one reason, maximizing the graphics potential on iRacing while keeping the FPS high and this pc blew me away with what I saw and after 6-8 months of using it for just that and hearing this review, i feel so much better about the money i spent on it, i got exactly what i payed for

  5. For everyone saying to build your own because it's cheaper:
    I just bought this Aurora R7 prebuilt for cheaper than I could build on my own. i7-8700k w/ 16GB DDR4, liquid cooling, 256GB SSD, 2TB HD, GTX 1080 and all for ~$1400 after tax.

  6. Really hope that next coming Alienware aurora not just comes with nvidia rtx series gpu but also thunderbolt 3 ports And Bluetooth 5.0!

  7. Just curious, is the power button on the aurora r7 supposed to flash yellow once then turn blue before booting? It seems to do that each time I boot the computer or put it to sleep mode.
    Or does yours just blink blue on boot.

  8. i only want the casing. they can have everything back. i can build the PC with cheap 2nd hand or referbished stuff off the net or through my connections at get it done for 1/3 the price

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