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Alienware Area 51m Review: When gaming laptop meets desktop

The Area-51M is a unique beast. At first glance, it looks like what we used to expect from gaming laptops: It’s an intimidating, hulking machine that doesn’t belong in the modern age of slim notebooks. But what makes it special is under the hood.

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22 thoughts on “Alienware Area 51m Review: When gaming laptop meets desktop

  1. You earned a sub! However, I was wondering if I will be able to run GTA 5, Minecraft, rocket league, Fortnite on this computer. Not even on the highest settings. I want to be able to have a gaming laptop that can run games at good fps on medium-high settings and be able to do Homework. And be portable so I can go hang out with friends or travel?? Any comments plss??????

  2. Man I really want this ! Debating between the Razer blade and this Area 51m . Slim is ideal, but I love a clunky powerhouse! . Great review.

  3. Alienware have themselves said that they can't guarantee that there will be hardware for this thing to upgrade to. They're hoping but they don't know.

  4. I travel a lot and I bought a M17 R2. It's an awsome machine. I've even accidentally dropped it once from my waist height while I was moving it and yet the laptop is going strong. The hinges, which they advertised as aviation grade, are still holding on very firmly and never wobble like other laptops you see on the market. I don't care about the trackpad that much. Trackpad is only needed when I am doing some light works. The keys… yes I admit. I wish they upgrade the keys but I never really had any problems with the keys either. They aren't something I'd choose but they are there and they work. Good enough for me. For changing parts, I actually thought Alienwares are more accessible to core components than any other laptops out there. As far as I'm concerned they don't have any tricky clips to remove to access CPUs and GPUs. All you need to remove are screws. I have no idea why that's such a problem when most laptops out there practically stops you from opening them up.
    Overall, I thought the review was a bit shortsighted. There are agreeable points though. I am gonna save up for Area 51M. Hell, it would be a nice change.

  5. On May 6th I ordered area51m 9900k, 2060gpu custom build from Dell. They told me it would be delivered by the 23rd. On the 16th I asked for an update and the agent told me there had been a parts shortage, but that the machine was built and only lacked some kind of software update. Each subsequent day when I asked for any update I was told the same thing; the laptop would ship and arrive on time. Finally, on the 22nd, when I managed to speak to a manager, he told me the order failed to reach production, (meaning the laptop had not even begun to be built) and that I would need to cancel the order and rebook it all over again, waiting probably another 3-6 weeks. There was no explanation as to why the order was never processed nor why agents were telling me all along that the machine had already been built and would ship according to schedule.

    Dell blatantly lied to me for 3 weeks. I cancelled the order, but there was no way I was gonna trust Dell with rebooking the order. They lied to me every step of the way; they could not be trusted for anything after that. MAYBE they would fulfill the order properly the next time, but how could I trust them? There was ZERO offer for compensation for lost time and to add insult to injury, the sales consultant I spoke with said she'd make sure the rebooking price stayed the same, as though she was doing me some kind of favor by NOT charging me more! I'm currently in the process of filing a complaint with the better business bureau.

    Dell stole 3 weeks of my time waiting for them to do what they said they would do. Now I've ordered through HIDevolution; they are a little more expensive but they have a much better reputation AND they offer delidding and other services which Dell does not. MAYBE Dell will fulfill your order properly, but don't trust them. Check around online and you will see they are notorious for this kind of behavior. I thought I would be the exception, but I was very much mistaken. They will lie straight to your face and offer as many apologies as it takes to make you give up. If you want a custom laptop, do not go with Dell.

  6. As gamer and specially amateur photographer which as of late and with the purchase of this laptop has been consuming all of my free time, I can only say I wouldn't want to work with any other laptop other then this one. It's supper reliable even after back to back major 4k / 100 GB of rendering and over 8 hours of none stop gaming on an 4k 65 OLED with a 60fps on ACO, no crash or performance issue, just keep an eye on the thermals, keep the fans running, nothing like it. If I wanted cheaper option I would look at the XPS or M17 but I will never switch again from Dell to anyone else.
    To anyone specially photographers or contend creators that need the fast read and write or cpu rendering power, and I did test majority of the higher end MAC's and PC laptops, they just fall flat in comparison to the A51.

  7. The BIGGEST problem not mentioned… is that the two AC power packs (two different sizes) aren’t labeled and it DOES matter which ports they are plugged into. There is no instruction or color to coordinate which pack goes into which port. I had mine switched for a month until I had an issue. After talking with Alienware they helped me fix it and noted that they knew this would be an issue once released. Regardless, this laptop is insane and has helped me tremendously with 4K and 5K video editing with heavy VFX. It’s perfect.

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