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Alienware 17 R5 Review – Intel Core i9 and NVIDIA GTX 1080

Lisa Gade reviews the top of the line Alienware 17 R5, with an Intel 8th gen Coffee Lake Core i9-8950HK overclockable CPU and NVIDIA GTX 1080 graphics. This is the 2018 refresh with the new CPU in a familiar casing, with the same excellent RGB backlit keyboard, 1080p/QHD 120Hz and 4K display options, Killer WiFi and Ethernet, up to 32GB RAM, NVMe SSDs and an HDD bay. The 17” R5 starts at $1,399 with a Core i7 and GTX 1060, and they are myriad configuration options all the way up to our $3,100 high end model. Dell (owners of the Alienware brand) say they’ve improved cooling, watch our review to find out how much.


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31 thoughts on “Alienware 17 R5 Review – Intel Core i9 and NVIDIA GTX 1080

  1. It's indeed a very awesome laptop. I just bought it. But I only use it for watching movies and listening to music.It's very heavy. So I left it in my bedroom for my entertainment usage….

  2. Does anybody has a recommendation of case for this notebook? I've tried many cases of 17'' and none of it fit. This notebook is really a beast but at the same time is thick as hell.

  3. Lisa always gives sage advice. I am a tech guy, and admittedly an Alienware fan since the company started. I went with the R5 with the 2070 and i7 locked CPU. I ordered a 330 Watt power supply to feed the beast and even after hours of 1080P gaming my thermals stay comfortably below 80C. Lisa is absolutely right with her closing remarks. The hardcore configurations in the long run are not that great of a deal when you consider the temps and throttling that I just don't get with this model. Great review Lisa, and again, sage advice.

  4. There's a new 8-core version of i9-9900 which weighs 2.6kg! wonder if its manages to improve perf while being lighter and smaller

  5. was watching this but then this lady started speaking and she gives bad ratings on lot of products so I had to skip this video I hope this helps so you don't waste you time watching this

  6. well, right off the bat, i have to say… having a microphone bigger than the one on my desk hanging in front of your throat is really not the greatest first impression for someone reviewing technology lol.

  7. Hi, which one you recommend 17 R5 i9 gtx 1080 OC or 15 R4 i9 gtx 1080 ? I checked many reviews and most recommend 15 R4

  8. i bought one i am currently using the Alien ware 17 R5 its worth the money im also thinking about buying a new pc setup i have 2k to spend on one

  9. Can't see the HDD activity lights anywhere. Have they deleted them ? My earlier R17 had several on the left hand side.

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