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Alex Bar – Weapon (Official Video)

Alex Bar – Weapon (Official Video)

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Spotify –
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and any other streaming platform

Directed By – Alex Bar & Zack Stauffer
Director of Photography – Sam Burton
Stylist – Tomi Bruhh
Hair & Makeup – Donielle Jackson
Ink – Andrew Niel
Porcelain- Keara Glandt
Trigger – Noel Stevens
Hell Razor – Zae Jackson
Reff – Louis Bar

Dancers –
Christopher Aguirre
Andrew Medrano
Devon Moore
Austyn Lopez

Orange Team
Captain – Sarabeth Oppliger
Laura Cantu
Jenna Cordis
John Gomez
Andy Olivia
Jayne Renee
Andrew Sisk
Tony Vennie


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5 thoughts on “Alex Bar – Weapon (Official Video)

  1. Can definitely see all the effort you put into this. Awesome job.

    Sorta cool that I found you from a guest starring role in a music video to seeing you releasing your own music video.

  2. Great job Alex! You have a new fan, you are very talented and the production is off the charts! Very catchy song…. I look forward to more music!

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