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A Saudi, an Indian and an Iranian walk into a Qatari bar … | Maz Jobrani

Iranian-American comedian Maz Jobrani takes to the TEDxSummit stage in Doha, Qatar to take on serious issues in the Middle East — like how many kisses to give when saying “Hi,” and what not to say on an American airplane.

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37 thoughts on “A Saudi, an Indian and an Iranian walk into a Qatari bar … | Maz Jobrani

  1. Sure nobody understands you? Some people do… and I love it. I often think: Oh, what are people thinking these guys talk about? Mostly it's what the best gym is or where to buy cloths.

  2. Truth…7.6k r maybe frm american or west…thy feel vry bad…why?? See urself in ur media…btw gr8 job Ted

  3. He hit the nail right square on the head. "THEY LAUGH" Exactly. They laugh. Whoda' thunkit. I never dreamed that they laugh. And so many open faces in the audience. Hmmmm!!!!!! I am going to have to rethink this.

  4. WTF – this was never said – "A Saudi, an Indian and an Iranian walk into a Qatari bar".
    Why do you have to bullshit???

  5. Can u make comedy about those Arabian ladies life style. How they treat woman.
    Why others countries people are in your country because you are idiots that’s why.

    Now technology developed u got oil now u be came rich but reality is different before u guys just slave and looted other countries.
    Same as Mughal do with india


  7. Comedy gold. The power of comedy unites unlike all the world's governments who are united by the elite ruling class who's agenda is to separate in order to unite us all in fear and slavery.

  8. In America we don’t kiss but a Trump voter might grab you in the crotch. That’s how those animals say hello

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