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A Guy Walks Into A Bar (Ep. 33) – Peace & Quiet

Season 3 of A Guy Walks Into A Bar. Funny bar jokes that everyone can enjoy. New videos every week!


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Created by: Antonino Buzzone and Peter Vass
Produced by: Alano Massi
Directed by: Antonino Buzzone

Starring: Adam Ray and Erik Griffin

Director of Photography: Hilda Mercado
Music Composed by: Saverio Rapezzi
Edited by: Antonino Buzzone and Peter Vass
Sound: Ted Phillips
1st AD: Shariff Suileman
Line Producer: Yazid Alawgarey
Co-Producer: Devin Roessler
Set Design: Robert Wise and Marcella Brennan
1st AC: Jim Harmon
Grips: Jarod Collins and Matt Moroughan
Hair and Makeup: Malia Rose and Mo’ne Scott
Still Photographer: Amy D’Allesandro
Special Thanks: Blas Herrera


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39 thoughts on “A Guy Walks Into A Bar (Ep. 33) – Peace & Quiet

  1. To all of you that didn't get it… He was enjoying the month of not having to talk to his wife, but since its the last day and tomorrow he must return to talking with her. He is stressed and therefore drinking like a mad man.

  2. At 0:27 I thought knew the punch line. Now I wonder where my bartender why I worked got some good bar jokes. THEN I WAS LET DOWN!! I thought it was gonna say "first blow job."

    Bartender says "Nice, I'll drink to that"
    Patron: No, I need something to get this taste out of my mouth

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