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A Business Class Rapped in a 100 Bar Lesson, Taught by Mickey Factz

Legendary lyricist Mickey Factz blessed us with 100 bars of fire for our first ever EYL freestyle. The freestyle is centered around being a business owner, and it’s a lyrical lesson on entrepreneurship. #independentartist #businessowner

Guest IG: @Mickey.factz


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23 thoughts on “A Business Class Rapped in a 100 Bar Lesson, Taught by Mickey Factz

  1. This is the first time I deadass whipped out a notepad and played back a rap multiple times to make sure I got the info engrained. Proud to be one of the first 800 viewers to see this! Going to do my best to integrate this into my lifestyle even if I don't become a business owner.

  2. SUMMARY of Mickey Factz Business Class Rapped in a 100 Bar Lesson
    A. The GOOD
    1. Find a niche
    a. A need for something so they created a product to appease the public so you
    b. Create value for the customer, i.e.
    i. You could put a barber shop next to a lounge or
    ii. start a laundromat in the college town
    iii. You gotta know what you gettin into
    2. it's imperative to research don't go in blind
    a. A doctor can't start a business without knowing about medicine!
    b. Know the market
    i. Experiment with the cash flow scenarios
    ii. Know the benefits of your market
    iii. Know your target demographic, i.e. who you’re trying to start with
    c. What is the business plan?
    i. How are you going to launch?
    ii. What is your company about?
    iii. What do you call it?
    iv. Lay out the services tell us about the product
    v. Flesh out the numbers. Share the revenue targets:
    1. Income: What you make — PROFITS
    2. Expenditures: What you spent it — LOSSES

    3. Motivation (find a solid reason WHY):
    a. Sometimes people do it to get out of working for the man. Claiming that its oppressive. So they start a business just for income sake. But they only focus on gross income (and not losses)
    4. You have to have a good accountant
    5. Pay yourself your own salary what is enough
    6. Don't get too passive with the money you clutch or you won't be a mechanic thrown under the bus
    B. THE BAD
    • 97% businesses end in failure because what they did wrong and other reasons

    Create value around the products for those who need it
    Is it like breathing? Is it worth pulling my out my wallet even when financially strapped?
    Start one company let it make an amount and then sell it
    Start another company every couple years
    Repeat those steps
    Stop trying to ask people to support you. If your product is good then it's practically sold.
    So, if your man doesn’t support you, reinforce it with a statement
    Tell them that I’m investing in my dreams and they should too!
    The best way to predict the future is for you to create it.

    A note for the worker bees:
    • Don't get cocky you get paid for your work
    o Ownership is not a reward for work. That's a paycheck.
    o Ownership is a reward for risk. That's the apex!
    • Instead of just sitting around typing and working for someone else Google and research the path to the hustle
    • Get yourself a mentor and ask about the struggles learn from mistakes don't brag just keep it
    • Education will get you half, but self-education will get you a fortune

  3. I’m hype y’all got him in here to teach on a beat. Always great to cross the culture with knowledge to help us find new forms of freedom.

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