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A burned up breaker and buss bar

10 thoughts on “A burned up breaker and buss bar

  1. Don't know about this one, Grayfurnaceman. Unless those bussbars can be made very smooth, the contact resistance will be high leading to heating and more erosion.

  2. The bus bar is designed to become carbon on a load heat resistance so the quad breaker probably wasn't making a good contact and caused resistance and overheated.

  3. Please have the owner in on this and give him the choice of cleaning the burned breaker slot or replacing the whole panel for thousands of dollars. You did good on the cleaning but please install a afci / gfci breaker to warn you when there is a problem. Looks like the breaker was not installed properly and not the oem . Check the temp,amps and volts when the breaker is fully on a load to see how it is doing. I like your videos.
    Thank you

  4. Respectfully disagree. Time to tag in another trade. Think that defect requires an electrician not a HVAC tech (from a license/liability standpoint)

  5. Way to much liability anymore, not gonna say I havent polished a bar or two to get people till replacement but I never leave a home without them signing off that it's not operational and panel/bar needs to be replaced. Everytime I try to help someone the f**k me over and try to sue.

  6. I have filed and cleaned a few of those my self.They have done well been a couple years now.That is usually brought about by a loose connection at the stabs.

  7. Time for a new panel. As a journeyman electrician I would never have cleaned that like you did way too much liability involved. Plus when you change the breakers your supposed to use a breaker thats Listed for that panel not just ones “that fit”

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